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7 ways to increase your chance of success at poker

Online Poker is not only a game of chance, but it involves a lot of strategies to play well too. It’s very different from land-based casinos because you can’t see other players, and some people may believe it’s more challenging to read your opponents. However, by employing the proper strategy, you can increase your odds of winning. The strategy necessitates study and patience. It’s an art to be able to read your opponent and recognize when they’re bluffing. We all enjoy the game, but only a few are exceptionally skilled at it. Here are seven tips that will undoubtedly increase your chances of winning at Poker.

1. Study the pros – You might want to look into watching poker videos on YouTube and Twitch. You may learn what other great players are doing by watching them play and using their methods to see whether they work for you. The best part is that these videos are free, and there is a plethora of them available on the internet.

2. Limit your play – In No-Limit Texas Hold’em, even the best players have a limit on how many beginning hands they can play before the flop. Unless Lady Luck is on your side, your chip stack will shrink if you try to play too many hands.

Developing a fantastic preflop poker strategy is the simplest and most effective way to increase your bankroll. While it is simple to build a plan, maintaining the discipline to stick to it is more complicated. It’s not a good idea to become impatient and play a hand that isn’t worth playing. Instead, focusing on a few solid or viable hands and playing them aggressively is the best strategy.

3. Aggressive play – When you play aggressively with bets and raises, you can win in one of two ways, with the best hand in the showdown or forcing all of your opponents to fold and give you the pot.

If you play passively, the best hand at showdown is your only chance of winning. Playing aggressively helps you to use your strong hands to build a pot. When you have nothing and are bluffing, it also gives you the chance to win pots! As a result, it’s best to go for an aggressive position rather than allowing your opponents to lead the action.

4. If you’re undecided…FOLD – If there is one quality that distinguishes a good player from a bad one, it is the ability to lay down a good hand when they are down. Though this appears to be a simple concept, it is difficult to put into practice, owing to how our brains work.

We are inherently intrigued and motivated by a strong desire to succeed. In our minds, folding means you’ve given up your chance to win the pot, which means you won’t be able to satisfy your curiosity by determining what your opponent has. However, learning when to fold is a skill you need to master if you truly want to succeed.

5. Get rid of your superstitions – Many people have a preferred hand. I know that whenever I am dealt 10/8 suited, my eyes light up, and I am desperate to play it! However, I am well aware that 10/8 suited is a poor hand. In a game of Texas hold ‘em, this isn’t one of the best starting hands you can have. Therefore, playing it in particular situations, such as a late position in an unopened pot, makes sense. However, it should nearly **always be folded early.

It’s okay if you already have some favorite starting hands; most people do. But don’t treat them as special and make poor decisions with them. Winning Poker is all about logic and arithmetic, not superstition.

6. The art of bluffing – Are you a frequent bluffer at Poker? Or is bluffing not part of your basic poker strategy at all? Either of these solutions may not be the best option. If you bluff frequently, you risk losing more chips and running out when you need them. If you don’t bluff, your opponents will eventually notice and will not raise against you unless they have a solid hand. You must take the middle way, which includes bluffing on occasion.

7. Stay in the zone – Many online poker players consider their home to be their poker room; rather than driving to a casino. You need to ensure that you stay focused as distractions such as watching TV, talking on the phone, or surfing the web may cause you to make a mistake, either by playing a terrible hand or by missing out on knowledge that may be useful in the future. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty more distractions at a land-based casino but the point is to stay focused at all times.

Source: CardPlayer

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