Players have just 2 days left to make this change at GGPoker

GGPoker players have just two days left to take advantage of the ability to change their screen names. The policy, which was implemented on January 1, allows players to choose a new alias for a one-week period ending on January 7.

The option to change screen names can be found under the ‘My Page’ section of a player’s user account. GGPoker’s decision to allow players to change their screen names is aimed at disrupting the tracking of game data by outside sources, particularly professional players. The operator hopes that by disrupting the data, the playing field will be leveled for all players.

“We’re doing this for three reasons,” explained Jason Koon, GGPoker’s Global Ambassador, in an statement to Poker Industry PRO to disrupt third-party databases, to improve game fairness, and to give players a chance to pick a more “suitable” name.

“A limited number of mainly professional players benefit from [third party databases], so by disrupting the data by way of nickname changes, it levels the playing field,” explained Koon. “The second reason is closely linked to the first; the fairness of the game improves when historical data is unavailable, and gives casual players more of a chance.”

Source: PokerIndustryPro

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