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Party Poker is giving away thousands of $109 MILLIONS Online satellite tickets in a new free-to-enter million-dollar promotion.

Party Poker´s MILLIONS Online tournament will be one of the most valuable online poker tournaments of the year. Between Sunday 1st December and Tuesday 10th December, thousands of players will be competing in the $10,300 buy-in event to win a share of the $20 million guaranteed prize pool – but you don´t necessarily have to have ten grand spare in order to enter.

Last year´s winner “Scarmak3r” took down the $1.3 million first prize after starting his route to the event in a $22 buy-in sub-satellite; and Party Poker is again supporting the multi-million dollar tournament with thousands of satellites and sub-satellites. As is usually the case this far ahead of any major event, many of the guaranteed satellites offer exceptional value.

How Party Poker´s “M4M” Promotion Works
Party Poker has called its latest promotion “M4M” (millions for MILLIONS). It is a mission-based promotion in which you are set personalized challenges; and, when you complete each challenge, you are awarded an M4M ticket. The ticket can be used to enter either an M4M freeroll tournament or an M4M All-In Shootout – both of which have prizes of $109 MILLIONS Online satellite tickets.

Because the challenges are personalized, you will have to visit Party Poker and opt into the challenge to find out what it is.

The challenges will change every three days whether you have completed them or not, and you have to remember to opt into each challenge otherwise your action at the tables won´t count. Once you have completed each challenge, your M4M ticket should be credited to your account automatically. However, you have to register manually for the M4M event of your choice. These take place at:
  • M4M Freeroll – daily at 8:00pm BST – might change after the clocks go back on 27th October)
  • M4M Shootout – daily at midnight BST (you don´t need to be physically present to play).
If You Win a Satellite Ticket, Here´s How You Use It
If you win a $109 MILLIONS satellite ticket, you can only use it at present to enter the phased satellites. Phase 1 satellites take place four times daily (at two-hour intervals starting at 6:00pm BST), with each lasting twenty-seven 4-minute levels. If you survive the two hours of action, you carry your chip stack forward into a Phase 2 Final on Sunday at 9:00pm BST.

Each Phase 2 Final guarantees a minimum of ten highly sought after $10,300 seats in the MILLIONS Online tournament. The total number of seats available is subject to how many players enter the $109 buy-in Phase 1 satellites; and, as Party Poker is giving away the equivalent of 250 Phase 1 seats per week, you can expect the total number of seats up for grabs in each Phase 2 final to be closer to twenty.

Important: This Promotion Only Runs Until 4th November
Although the MILLIONS Online tournament doesn´t start until 1st December, this promotion is only running for four weeks until the 4th November. Any unused M4M or $109 Phase 1 satellite tickets still in your possession after this date will be forfeited. There are no opportunities to exchange the tickets or transfer them into whatever promotion Party Poker runs next.

Therefore, if you aim to play in December´s MILLIONS Online tournament, we recommend you visit Party Poker today, opt into your first challenge, and earn your first M4M ticket to start your route towards the target event. If you are not yet playing at the site, register your account with the Party Poker bonus code PNREPORT, and you will receive three extra M4M tickets without having to complete any challenges. See the Party Poker website for more information about this opportunity.

Party Poker to Reintroduce Tournament Dollars Next Week

Party Poker is scrapping the majority of satellites that feed into specific tournaments and replacing them with satellites in which you win tournament dollars.

As part of its quest to “bring poker back to the players” Party Poker has announced it will scrap the majority of targeted satellites and instead replace them with satellites paying out tournament dollars. Furthermore, not only will the site match the current guarantees of targeted satellites (around $1 million per week), tournament dollars won in satellites will have a shelf life of one year.

Tournament Dollars bring More Flexibility to Players
The big advantage of tournament dollars is you can use them as and when you wish. For example, under the current scheme, if you were to enter a $22 buy-in satellite guaranteeing twenty $109 tournament tickets and finished in the top twenty places, you would have to play in a tournament with a $109 buy-in before the tournament ticket expired.

Now you still have the option of playing in a tournament with a $109 buy-in, but also the options of dividing your winnings between multiple tournaments or saving the tournament dollars and adding to them in future satellites – possibly to play in tournaments with higher buy-ins during one of Party Poker´s big tournament series later in the year.

Another advantage is that sometimes you enter a satellite with the intention of playing in the target event; but, due to circumstances beyond your control, you can´t. Whereas previously you will have lost the value of the tournament ticket, you can now unregister from the target tournament (assuming you already registered) and save your tournament dollars for another day.
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GentleFish is an exclusive poker club.

It offers cash games and many non-standard game formats like: mixed games, 8-game and more, with levels reaching $30/$60.

The main advantages of the poker room are:
  • extremely weak players
  • a lot of non-standard formats
  • top deal
GentleFish is a great choice for a second poker room, especially for those players who are mostly looking for soft games and Omaha.

Poker room’s software is quite decent.

The traffic is weak. Our advice is to spend some time tracking it to get a better idea about the formats you are interested in. During the day you can play both Hold`em games (mainly at 20NL and there are 1-2 tables at 50NL and 100NL) and Omaha.

There are very weak players in GentleFish poker room (mostly from Asia), some of them don’t even know the strength of the hands.

There is no option for tracking programs.

For more information about the poker room and the Gentlefish’s deal, don`t hesitate to contact us at skype: grinderssuport or e-mail: grindsupp@gmail.com!

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New AAPoker room is back and will surprise you with new deals.

About the room

AAPoker is the Asian social poker platform, where you can find lots of recreational players. There is very good traffic not only on NL Hold`em tables, but also on PLO, OFC, Pineapple and many more! Traffic peaks during South Korean and Chinese evenings and weekends.

All of the fishy players and a big part of the Asian "regulars" play without additional software, so you can use this as a huge advantage over them.

As the room is mostly popular in South Korea and China, the games run at KST (Korean Standard Time). This makes it pretty attractive for people living in Europe, because the biggest traffic matches the European afternoons and early evenings. Main game is between 13:00 and 21:00 CET.

The deal

Now you can take advantage of new deals and promotions in the poker room. Here is how the deal looks like: if you make your registration through Grinders.org with agent code “grinders” you get:

- VIP Program with FLAT rakeback, paid directly from the room in your account. If you register through Grinders.org you will be directly boosted to 30%!
- Up to 10% Exclusive Grinders rake chase

Keep in mind you have to choose between two options: to have flat 30% rakeback or grind the VIP levels and receive rakeback according to the level you have reached. The 30% Grinders rakeback IS NOT ADDITIONAL to the VIP program rakeback. You can have one of the two options. If you choose to be on the 30% rakeback and later in time you reach Gold or Platinum levels of the VIP program you have to contact us in order to change your status from 30% boost to VIP program rakeback player.

All players with old accounts in AAPoker/Fulpot need to contact us to activate their new accounts in the poker room.

If you have any questions about deposits and withdraws, don`t hesitate to contact us at e-mail: grindsupp@gmail.com!

The room has very good application for Android and iOS, thus expanding the number of fish on its tables.

All of the games at AAPoker are very soft, so we definitely recommend you to try it!

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