KingsClubPoker is an exclusive poker club.

It offers cash games and many non-standard game formats like: mixed games, 8-game and more, with levels reaching $30/$60.

The main advantages of the poker room are:

  • extremely weak players
  • a lot of non-standard formats
  • top deal

KingsClubPoker is a great choice for a second poker room, especially for those players who are mostly looking for soft games and Omaha.

Poker room’s software is quite decent.

The traffic is weak. Our advice is to spend some time tracking it to get a better idea about the formats you are interested in. During the day you can play both Hold`em games (mainly at 20NL and there are 1-2 tables at 50NL and 100NL) and Omaha.

There are very weak players in KingsClubPoker poker room (mostly from Asia), some of them don’t even know the strength of the hands.

There is no option for tracking programs.

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