AAPoker is a little different than a standard poker room. This is why we think this review will be really helpful to those of you who have never tried it before.

What is AAPoker?

Long story short, this is a poker room, very similar to Zynga Poker, where you play with virtual chips, instead of money. The whole software, room promotions, advertisements, etc. are directed to the social networks and this is why AAPoker is also known as the “Asian Social Media” Poker. As you can expect from this, the player pool consists of really weak players, that usually “grind” their chips on Facebook or some other social media platform.

In order to be registered through us, you need to use code grinders.

If you want to deposit, please send us an email at grindsupp@gmail.com and we will be happy to assist further.

Software, Tracking Programs and Traffic Info

The room software is pretty decent, but this of course is very individual, so it`s better if you test it yourself.

No poker tracking software available which means recreational players only!

All of the fishy players and a big part of the Asian “regulars” play without additional software, so you can use this as a huge advantage over them.

As the room is mostly popular in South Korea and China, the games run at KST (Korean Standard Time). This makes it pretty attractive for people living in Europe, because the biggest traffic matches the European afternoons and early evenings. Main game is between 13:00 and 21:00 CET.

Poker room uses weighted contributed rake method calculation.

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