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Dive in to the partypoker Grand Prix KO Summer Series

The latest offering by partypoker is the Grand Prix KO Summer Series – and it’s simply too good to miss, whether you’re a tournament veteran or looking to broaden your poker horizons. Running from August 11 to August 29, this sizzling summer series is guaranteed to provide a white-hot atmosphere to rival what has thus far been record-breaking weather for many.

And it’s not just edge-of-the-seat action that’s a sure thing from partypoker – the nosebleed level of the money up for grabs is a given, too, with guaranteed prize pools on offer as high as a very tasty $500,000.

Furthermore, partypoker’s everyman ethos shines through in the shape of bankroll-friendly buy-ins that range from $5.50 to $320, as well as ludicrously cheap satellites (see below). Each of the featured events has several Day 1 slots that enable the top 15% to battle through to Day 2 which, in turn, is enough to earn a prize for your efforts.

The accessibility of the partypoker Grand Prix KO Summer Series is highlighted by the curtain-raiser, a $3.30 Mini Opener to accompany the $33 Opener. The prize pools in these tantalising festival tasters are guaranteed at $15,000 and $75,000 respectively.

$500,000 Gtd Main Event

A nice touch of this Grand Prix KO Summer Edition is that it boasts two Main Events so that everyone has a chance of glory. Entrants in Event #05, the $109 buy-in $500,000 GTD Main Event, for example, will be looking to emulate Augusto Hagen of Argentina, who won a total of $51,356 when taking down the Winter edition. Running in tandem with this tournament, the $11 Mini Main Event (which, like the $109 buy-in version, has a single re-entry, 12-level late registration format) is hardly aptly named if the guaranteed prize pool is anything to go by – the great value $11 buy-in gives you a shot at a $100,000 prize pool!

And there’s more…

If your poker appetite isn’t already suitably whetted, there’s plenty more juicy action (and prize money) to stick your proverbial teeth into. This includes a $215 buy-in $200,000 Gtd 6-Max Championship and a $320 buy-in $250,000 Gtd 7-Max High Roller. The Super 50 and Super 5 events, meanwhile, with respective buy-ins of $55 and $5, are expected to once again prove very popular, not least because value-seekers can aim for a share of the $150,000 and $30,000 guaranteed payouts.

Grand Prix KO Summer Edition Schedule

Date Event Guarantee Buy-in
Aug 11-15 #01 Opener $75,000 $33
Aug 11-15 #02 Mini Opener $15,000 $3.30
Aug 11-18 #03 6-Max Championship $200,000 $215
Aug 11-18 #04 Mini 6-Max Championship $75,000 $22
Aug 11-29 #05 Main Event $500,000 $109
Aug 11-29 #06 Mini Main Event $100,000 $11
Aug 13-22 #07 7-Max High Roller $250,000 $320
Aug 15-22 #08 Super 50 $150,000 $55
Aug 15-22 #09 Super 5 $30,000 $5.50
Aug 18-25 #10 7-Max Championship $200,000 $215
Aug 19-25 #11 Mini 7-Max Championship $75,000 $22
Aug 22-29 #12 6-Max High Roller $200,000 $320
Aug 22-29 #13 Closer $100,000 $33
Aug 23-29 #14 Mini Opener $20,000 $3.30

Poker for all: Satellites from $0.01

Pennies could literally be turned into life-changing sums in this Grand Prix KO Summer Edition, thanks to partypoker laying on countless satellites to big money events – whatever the size of your bankroll, your quest for poker fame and fortune could begin via the famous $0.01 buy-in centrolls! Many successful poker careers began via the cheap-as-chips satellite route, so there’s no excuse not to take advantage of such opportunities this time around.

Have fun, and good luck at the tables!

Source: PokerListings

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