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we found it!

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След дълго търсене намерихме къде се намира най-важният елемент в покера.

You have reached expekt.com poker support, a support agent will be with you in a moment.
Svante: Hi how may I help you?
Hero: hi can you turn off my doomswitch please
Svante: What do you mean?
Hero: the doomswitch, can you turn it off please cant take it anymore
Svante: I don´t know what a doomswitch is/are?
Hero: the doomswitch is the button on which poker players depend to run good/bad
Hero: mine is stuck to bad run from about 2 months
Svante: Okey please send an e-mail to support@expekt.com and they will have a look into it
Hero: will they know what im talking about ?
Svante: just write that explaination you wrote to me
Hero: and they will know what to do right ?
Svante: yes they will forward it to our poker department
Hero: so the doomswitch button is the poker deportment of the email support ?
Svante: what do you mean,?
Svante: the will forward it to our poker department for a solution
Svante: they*
Hero: i ment the location of the doomswitch button is in the poker department right ?
Svante: yes
Hero: ok thank you
Svante: no problem, have a nice day and good luck
Hero: u2 sir

понякога се учудвам кви ги върша докато съм monkey tilt :D
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