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Продавам % за турнири

Published by rEADy in the blog rEADy's blog. Views: 127

Пускам го на англ. език , както си е оригинала , защото мисля че всеки играещ покер ще го разбере .

Hello ,
My name is Eddy , I am from Bulgaria and I am 21 years old . Maybe some of you guys know me from Star Craft as I used to play it before. My SC:BW achievement include qualification for WCG 2007 Seattle and also few top finishes in WCG Bulgaria . I am playing poker seriously already for more than a year and half , I play NL100 , NL200 both omaha and holdem .
Last week I decided to play tournaments every Sunday and sell up to 50 % . I played Absolute 200 k ( lost set vs set ) Cake 250k lost A2 vs 77 blind vs blind and FTOPS event 9 where I shiped 600 $ . My tournament achievement are winning EPT packet , ECOSTT Talinn packet (wich I sold to VanDerMeyde who is member of LP ) , shiping first place in 20 k tournament for 4 k on Cake and few other money finishers.For the number of tournaments I have played I have very good results and I am sure that I can take down a big tournament very soon .

This is my program for this Sunday:

1. Absolute 200 k 215$ 22.00 CET
2. Fulltilt ftops28 256$ 20:00 CET
3. Fulltilt ftops Main Event 640$ 01:00 CET

total 1111$ 1%=11.1 $ 5%=55.5$ 10%=101$
absolute alias: flopingIT
fulltilt alias: STR8FIT
I accept money in Stars , FullTilt , Moneybookers ( preferable ) .

If you have any questions my skype is eddyisready and msn eddyisready@hotmail.com

Those links shows my best tournament achievement.


15 % sold
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