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Less is More

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Отдавна се каня да напиша блог на тази тема, но все отлагам и отлагам.
Преди малко видях един един добър мой приятел е написал абсолютно всичко което исках аз да споделя и затова направо ще copy/paste-на неговият труд хахаха.
Авторът е Мирослав Запорожанов.
Току що му звъннах да му кажа че определено трябва да пише :)
Благодарим ти Миро за чудесно написаните думи.
Приятно четене :)

At the age of 21 I had my first serious job. I was on my way to becoming the youngest stock broker in Bulgaria. Financial markets was something that fascinated me. I read a lot. I asked a lot of questions. I had some of the best mentors ( Alexander Nikolov , thanks for everything I learned from you)

Eventually one year later I had my BIG BANG. I Turned a mere $500 into tens of thousands through financial speculations. All this happened in just three months during the biggest financial crisis.

I was 22. It felt like I’m the king of the universe. Few years earlier I worked for $100 per month, and now I was earning that in just a couple of hours.
Then one day in September 2008 the shit hit the fan – the financial storm got to its extremes. I made a lot of money that day.

However, something typical was about to happen. As I was from the few that made money during the worse week in the financial history…it just was not enough.

A desire for MORE had taken me over. I wanted MORE money, MORE experience…I wanted MORE of whatever was available and I was willing to risk MORE, but did not know how much really MORE is…

Few weeks later I had my worse day losing $3000k in a single night...because my desire for MORE was increasing Exponentially…every dollar I earned I was willing to risk to get few MORE.

But I did not lose everything. In fact I learned a lot about myself, how people behave, why we always want more…

And all this had to happen to help me realize that MORE actually leads to LESS and vice versa…

Let me explain…

When we want MORE of something our Mind gets surrounded by a brain fog and we can’t see our life clearly. We miss opportunities. We miss to enjoy. We simply miss to live life because we are always chasing MORE.


There’s no more than more. It’s a viscious never ending cycle. Wanting More means you don’t have enough yet.

We want to know MORE and we consume junk-like information (videos, articles, blogs, short ebooks) like never before…

We want MORE free time and money so we work ourselves to exhaustion only to find ourselves spending our free time resting about the next day of hard work…(crazy isn’t it?)

We want more short trips and excursions to major cities only to find ourselves that we are unhappy in the city where we live in.

We want muscular body so we feel significant when compared to other people but we end up more insecure and less flexible when it comes to mobility of movement (try to catch your hands behind your back).

We want MORE money so it makes us feel successful, accomplished, satisfied with who we are.

We want MORE friends and MORE social life…because the small talk conversations about the weather, politics, economics distract us from our inner conversation. We lack depth in our communication…we can’t even have a dinner without looking at our phone to get MORE informed about what our “virtual” friends are doing…

So the more you want something, the less you will have it.

Because life is like a magnet…if you want it badly enough you actually get further away from it because of the brain fog…you clutter your mind with so many options that you get either overwhelmed, anxious or frustrated…

and You become impatient about the time when you will have it in your life…the time when everything will fall into place and you will have ENOUGH.

But there is no such world “ENOUGH” in the “MORE” vocabulary…


I heard one of my mentors, the best Marketing Consultant ever lived Jay Abraham say the following:

“I’ve worked for 40 years. I’ve worked in 450 industries. Then one day I decided to condense all my knowledge and experience in a book of 250 pages. A book you could read for several hours. Do you really think that you will be able to grasp the depth of my philosophy and 40 years of experience in just a few hours or days or weekes? Do you think that you will serve people without deep know-how?”

So choose to consume LESS information from LESS sources but choose to go deep. Go in total immersion in the topic/activity you are most passionate about. Ignorance is bliss (when used selectively).

Choose to do LESS things (ideally one). This way you give it all your focus and energy.

Choose to have intense, deep and meaningful relationships with a few friends. Likes, shares and comments don’t matter. It’s the deep feelings and experiences that bond us with other human beings.

Choose to think LESS and instead fall in love with just doing YOUR thing. This is how great Ideas would flow, opportunities will come, joy will find you.

Choose to eat LESS food and instead fuel your body with nutrients.

Choose to want LESS results. Choose to have LESS or no expectations.

Choose to want LESS for yourself and MORE for others.

Our Dreams are the destination. LESS is how we get there safe and sound
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