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WSOP 2016 with Grinders.org

Discussion in 'Main Poker Forum' started by Mariya, Mar 2, 2016.

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    It is our favorite time of the year! World Series of Poker 2016 is just around the corner so we have decided to initiate special Grinders promotion with added value for all our players!
    All Grinders players must opt-in in order to participate in the special rake race which is equal to 20% rakeback.

    All packages are worth 20% rakeback!

    Simply choose a poker room (PokerHost, Betsafe, Betsson, Fulpot or LocaCasino) and start grinding your way to Vegas!

    How it works:

    1. The WSOP rake race will run from 01.03.2016 until 01.06.2016.
    2. All packages include tournament buy-ins, hotel accommodation at RIO ALL SUITE, $1,000 spending money and an invitation to the exclusive Grinders VIP party.
    3. All players must opt-in for the promotion using the button here and choose a poker room. Please don’t forget to update your profile in our VIP system.
    4. You can not combine rake from multiple rooms. Choose one and start playing. One player can earn one package in a room. However, players can win more than one package but in different rooms (Example: 1 full package in PokerHost and 1 full package in Betsson).
    5. All players who decide to join the promotion will get slightly different VIP deal and conditions than the usual. You will find detailed explanation of the deals` structure below.
    Check out the 4 packages and the requirements for them:


    If you decide to opt-in for this promotion you will have different conditions in the chosen poker room.

    Check out the table below for more info:

    Room WSOP qualificators deal details
    PokerHost Players don`t get to use Reload bonuses, instead all PokerHost players who Opt-In for the WSOP Promo will participate in a special rake race exclusive for Poker Host (check table below)
    Betsafe Players don`t get to participate in our VIP rake chase for Betsafe
    Betsson Players don`t get to participate in our VIP rake chase for Betsson
    Fulpot Players don`t get to participate in our VIP rake chase for Fulpot
    LocaCasino* VIP rakeback deal during the entire period of the promotion

    *All current and all new players in LocaCasino, who want to join the promotion, must contact us first.

    PokerHost rake race for all participants in the WSOP promo
    Rake Prize
    300 30
    500 50
    1000 100
    1500 150
    2500 250
    4000 400
    5000 500
    6000 600
    7000 700
    8000 800
    9000 900
    10000 1000

    You can`t combine rake from multiple rooms. If you want to win more than 1 package you have to play in another room for the full amount of points required for the second package. You can`t win two packages in the same room.

    Package details

    1. All players who have won a package will receive $1,000 for travel and other expenses. Players are responsible for the visa requirements and travel arrangements. Grinders.org is not involved in this process. We can assist you and provide you a document regarding the hotel accommodation.
    2. Packages include accommodation at RIO ALL SUITE resort for the time period 02.06.2016 - 15.06.2016.
    3. We remind you that you have to be 21 or older in order to enter Las Vegas casino.
    4. Packages can`t be transferred for cash.
    5. Players won`t receive money for tournament tickets. You will be registered by our representative prior to the tournament.
    6. If you choose to opt - in for this promotion but in the end of the qualifying period you don`t have all necessary points for a package you are not entitled to any kind of compensation. You can`t demand money for the promotions in that period.
    Example: You play at Betsafe for a package. Therefore you don`t participate in the rake chase for this time period. In the end of May you realize you won`t have enough points to win a package. You can`t demand money for rake chases in March, April or May.

    Terms And Conditions:

    1. In order to participate in this promotion players have to be 21 or older.
    2. Players are responsible for getting US visa and making all necessary travel arrangements.
    3. If a player OPTS-in the promotion and in the end of the qualification period doesn`t have enough points he can`t have demands to receive money for previous time period.
    4. Players can win just one package in one room. It is not allowed to combine rake points from multiple rooms. However, players can win two packages in two different rooms only if they fulfill the necessary requirements for a package in both rooms separately.
    5. Players can combine offered tournament buy-ins into a tournament with bigger buy-in.
    6. Grinders.org has the right to change terms and conditions at all times.

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