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Urology tests and procedures

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by cbrhospitals, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. cbrhospitals

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    Urology tests are majorly to find the issues ongoing in male and female reproductive organs and the urinary tract. If the test results show some prevailing issues, the doctors then decide what steps need to be taken ahead, i.e. surgery will be required or can medicine do the needful.

    Types of tests

    The most common tests include digital examinations, blood tests, and also sampling tests. All of these have their own set of procedures. Here are some of the tests you should know about:

    Creatinine and blood urea nitrogen tests:

    These tests are conducted to check the functioning of kidneys with the help of creatinine measurements. High level of creatinine shows that the kidneys aren't functioning well whereas the ratio of blood urea nitrogen and creatinine shows the actual problem and the doctors can diagnose and treat it properly. A blood sample is drawn out from your arm with the help of a syringe and put under testing.

    Urine Culture:

    A urine culture test is conducted to analyze whether there are any bacteria present in the urine sample. The test is a time taking one and very intensive. After isolating the sample, the doctors test various antibiotics on the same to finalize what the patient needs.


    A digital Xray is conducted in three areas for urology test examination. The KUB region Xray is conducted on the kidney, ureter and bladder area to find out the reason behind abdominal pains and checks the overall health of the urinary system. IVP Xray is conducted using a doppler dye to identify issues with the urinary tract. The third and the last Xray is VCUG Xray which is conducted once the bladder is full and once after it is empty so that the doctor can take a look at both conditions.


    The most common test conducted is urine examination. This test is done to take a look at the blood cells, bacterias and other extras that aren't meant to be present in your kidney. Even protein levels and glucose levels are analyzed with the help of the urine sample. The procedure includes a sample submission in the lab and the provided sample is analyzed for various concerns.

    Prostate-Specific Antigen Test:

    This test is conducted to find out any inflammation present in the prostate. Once the inflammation is found then the doctor looks for the causes behind the same. But there is a confusion with regards to this test as people mainly think that this test can also help detect cancer. But if the area is over-inflamed, then the doctors can go ahead with a cancer test. The procedure includes just collecting a blood sample.


    To diagnose problems that cannot be confirmed with other tests, doctors then go ahead with an ultrasound. The entire bladder stomach and urinary areas are checked during this project. It is also performed to analyze prostate issues and testicles. This test helps to detect kidney stones, tumors, cysts, and abnormal movements in the urethra. The procedure includes the application of a gel on the research area which helps in moving the ultrasound tool and then the radiologist moves ahead with the test.

    These are some of the most common tests conducted in the urology problems. Including various other tests under the same, the basic tests majorly include the procedure of sample collection or imaging. The doctors conduct tests based on the requirement and desired results.
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