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Update of our Natural8 deal

Discussion in 'Natural8' started by AstraLa, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. AstraLa

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    The One, the Only, Misteeeeeeeeeeeeer...!

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    Grinders/Natural8 Rake Chase

    Our promotion in Natural8 - ONLY for players of Grinders.org - monthly Grinders/Natural8 Rake Chase.

    The prizes are as follows:

    Rake ($) Prize ($)
    300 15
    750 45
    1250 90
    2000 200
    3500 350
    5000 500
    7500 750
    10000 1000

    The prizes will be credited directly into your account in the room once we have the final monthly results.

    For the moment Natural8 are very happy from our players and they have changed a little bit the criteria to determine if someone is good for the economy of the room.
    Basically this means that the probability of one of our players to be asked to leave the room is very low, but it's still possible! We have to say that since we've started working with the room, there is still no players banned.

    There is no need to play different number of tables and to be with different size stack on each table.
    It's strictly forbidden to use other software (Hold'em Manager, Poker Tracker, etc.) and you CANNOT stand just from a few tables (you have to either sit out from all of them).

    The room participates in our Grind Prix from which every grinder can take between 2 and 12% rakeback which makes the deal in Natural8 very good.

    We strongly advise everybody who wants to play vs weak players, it's looking for decent traffic up to 100NL and wants to play in a beautiful software to check Natural8.
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