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Unibet/Ladbrokes letter for improvements

Discussion in 'Other Poker Rooms' started by Zografa, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Zografa

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    Unibet and Ladbrokes
    As most of you know, there has been a radical change of the way poker tables are shared between Unibet Poker, Ladbrokes Poker and the rest of the Microgaming network.

    As those changes have had terrible consequences for the quality and especially the quantity of games, we suggest everyone who plays at Microgaming and agrees with our opinion, to send an email to the support of his poker room, be it Ladbrokes, Unibet or whatever else. Here is an example:

    Subject: General change request!


    My name is ***** , my username at Unibet / Ladbrokes / is **** also my alias is *****

    I would like to express my disappointment from several factors which from my opinion and according to many other regular players are the reason for a very low quality level of poker in Prima. I am concerned that if these problems are not resolved soon, I will be forced to leave your poker room and network.

    1. Number of tables with blinds of 0.5 / 1 and 2/4 Texas Hold'em NL, and the amount of HU tables.

    It is not normal to have such a small amount of tables especially on these two levels. Separation of network in parts, in this case is definitely inappropriate and options for me as a player to play are decreasing significantly - possibility to play in the morning and afternoon CET is greatly reduced, or there is no such option. Evening tables are also not as much as they should and could be. I often have to play on the tables, which actually I do not want to. That's why the number of hands per month and my desire to play at your site decreases dramatically.

    Opportunities for playing Heads Up tables are also limited. Tables with blinds until 2 / 4 are inadequate and I can rarely find opponents to play.

    My proposal is to merge all Microgaming skins at 2/4, and all Heads Up tables with blinds 0.5 / 1 .Also for tables with blinds under 2/4 to be used the old "style" where Unibet and Ladbrokes were together.

    Furthermore cap rake for HU games is unacceptable, maybe it should be reduced to 50c or/and created $ tables also with 50c rake.

    2. Growing number of players entering the game with the minimum resolved Buy-in.

    This really is a serious problem - at all levels and tables with no exclusions there is always at least one short stacker. Those players are playing push or fold strategy, so they are stopping all the action on the tables and killing the pleasure from the game. This hurts both experienced players, playing with deep stacks and the people who came to play entirely for pleasure putting them in a situation in which they can only play pre-flop. We have a huge number of short-stackers at Unibet / Ladbrokes / Microgaming.

    My suggestion is to increase the minimum standard Buy-in to 35 big blinds, return the old tables with a deep stacks, minimum of 50 BB and 200 up and to introduce a new type of tables where the minimum to be 20 BB.

    I hope my message to be taken seriously. I hope that I will see things getting better and better at my favorite poker network.


    Send mail to care@ladbrokes.com (for Ladbrokes)

    and/or info@unibet.com (for Unibet)

    Feel free to add/change whatever you think is good.
  2. Pro2type

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    Very nice idea Zozo, will do right away
  3. Admin

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    Funny newspost at casinoreports.com:

    Joining BetOnBet and Eurolinx, yay!

    What I understand (also from other sources) is that Ladbrokes is going to share it's tables completely with Microgaming after April 1st, but not so sure about Unibet.

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