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Turn donkbet from fishy guy

Discussion in 'Texas Holdem Hand Discussion' started by Pro2type, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Pro2type

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    Poker Hands:
    NL Holdem $1(BB) Replayer Game#3967619189

    stirly ($93.87)
    Hero ($106)
    nanaan ($71.66)
    thedarknight ($112)
    kabusa ($12.38)
    expert22 ($20.50)

    stirly posts (SB) $0.50
    Hero posts (BB) $1

    Dealt to Hero: :Js: :Kd:
    nanaan calls $1
    fold , fold , fold ,
    stirly calls $0.50
    Hero raises to $5
    fold ,
    stirly calls $4

    ($11) :Jh: :6d: :Ts:
    stirly checks
    Hero bets $6.50
    stirly calls $6.50

    ($24) :Jh: :6d: :Ts: :2h:
    stirly bets $11

    OK guys so this is a spot where every one of you has been, the buy is passive fish 44/0/1.2 for only 50 hands and so far he was folding to cbet 67% (for 6 times) never donked so far.

    Most of the times when someone make that kind of play I`m putting him on draws, mid pairs, weak top pairs … marginal hands that wants to see showdown.

    I want to know on what range you put your opponents in this spots … and in this particular situation.

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