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Sunday $10,000 GTD

Discussion in 'Tigergaming' started by Mariya, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Mariya

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    This promotion is not active!

    The $10,000 Guaranteed Tournament runs on Sundays at 6PM ET!

    Buy-in for $20 + $2, or 2,200 Promo Bucks!

    Or get your entry into the tournament for free when you make a deposit of $100 or more and use Bonus Code GET10.

    Your free entry in the form of 2,200 rubies will be added to your account for use immediately!
    Rebuys will be available for the first hour and there'll be an add-on available at the break!

    • The tournament entry price will be $20 + $2, 2,200 Promo Bucks or 2,200 Rubies.
    • Players will receive 2000 starting tournament chips.
    • The $10,000 Guaranteed Tournament will be a re-buy tournament, re-buys will be allowed during the first hour at a price or $20 + $2 and players will receive 2000 tournament chips per re-buy.
    • There will be an add-on available at the first break for a price of $20 + $2, players will receive 5000 tournament chips for an add-on.

    This promotion is not active!


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