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Small full river spot 200bb deep

Discussion in 'Texas Holdem Hand Discussion' started by Pro2type, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Pro2type

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    Poker Hands:
    NL Holdem $1(BB) Replayer Game#3132622069

    epohon ($260)
    Hero ($216)
    tamissou ($218)
    christine198 ($163)
    resiareca ($198)

    epohon posts (SB) $0.50
    Hero posts (BB) $1

    Dealt to Hero: :6h: :6d:
    fold , fold , fold ,
    epohon raises to $3.50
    Hero calls $2.50

    ($7) :Qh: :6s: :Ah:
    epohon bets $5
    Hero raises to $21
    epohon calls $16

    ($49) :Qh: :6s: :Ah: :Jd:
    epohon checks
    Hero bets $34
    epohon calls $34

    ($117) :Qh: :6s: :Ah: :Jd: :Qs:
    epohon checks
    Hero bets $22
    epohon raises to $102

    Hi fellows, my opponent here is 20/15/34(afreq) for over 1k hands. Don`t know why but he don`t likes me very much and makes pretty monkey plays vs me, when he doesn`t 3bet me he calls and plays for every pot. He CB 50% and likes to 2nd barrels but for 200bb deep I`m raising on the flop 200% he will never fold with any kind of hand. On the river I`m sure very often he will raise my inducing bet so I made it pretty weakfish. My questions here are:
    1. Bet sizing to river
    2. Do you like the size of the inducing bet and if he ch/r me do I shove or just calling?
    I have some notes for him:
    - bet and 4bets over sqz and call with KQo
    - turns miss draws in to bluff
    - 3bet my UTG open from BTN and calls 4bet x2,5 w JQo

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