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Show Your Skills

Discussion in 'Microgaming' started by Mariya, Aug 17, 2015.

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    This promotion is not active!

    Show us your skills this August to bank €10 cash instantly!

    How It Works

    Your missions, should you choose to accept them, are as follows. Complete all 5 and you will be instantly rewarded with €10 cash.

    - Get dealt pocket Aces in Hold'em
    - Place a bet or a blind in a hand of Blaze Poker
    - Place a bet or a blind at an Anonymous Table
    - Play a Sit & Go tournament
    - Play a MTT

    1. The promotion runs from 02:00 CET on August 1st until 23:59 CET on August 31st.
    2. Play on Free Play tables is excluded.
    3. Only one cash prize per player will be awarded.
    4. The promotion administrators reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions, and can withdraw promotion at any time. Any decisions taken in this regard are final.
    5. No alternative prizes will be offered.
    6. You may not create more than one account with your poker room. If you do, you will forfeit all prizes and you risk closure of all your accounts.
    7. If you collude or otherwise behave unethically at any time, you will forfeit all prizes and you risk closure of your account.
    8. We reserve the right to withdraw the promotion at any time.
    9. In addition to these rules, all of the normal network rules and your poker room’s Terms and Conditions also apply.

    This promotion is not active!


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