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Set in 3bet pot IP

Discussion in 'Texas Holdem Hand Discussion' started by Pro2type, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Pro2type

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    +321 / 3 / -5
    Poker Hands:
    NL Holdem $1(BB) Replayer Game#3133058166

    pappsen ($186)
    bethebosss ($232)
    tamissou ($301)
    Hero ($222)
    sadza19 ($100)
    LinkL_Lawyer ($100)

    pappsen posts (SB) $0.50
    bethebosss posts (BB) $1

    Dealt to Hero: :9d: :9c:
    fold ,
    Hero raises to $3
    fold , fold ,
    pappsen raises to $7
    fold ,
    Hero calls $4

    ($15) :2s: :As: :9h:
    pappsen checks
    Hero bets $10
    pappsen calls $10

    ($35) :2s: :As: :9h: :3d:
    pappsen checks
    Hero bets $26
    pappsen calls $26

    ($87) :2s: :As: :9h: :3d: :4d:
    pappsen checks
    Hero bets $55

    Hi there, that guy is 39/25/22(afreq) for 220 hands he is pretty aggressive and likes to 3bet like 13% total (from that position 6%). Haven`t seen him min 3bets before but don’t give him much credit. He CB in 3bet pots 57%(for 7 hands), afreq-17/28/24 likes to ch/r-6%(16)/13%(8)/50%(2) for flop/turn/river. Do you like the bet sizing here and if he ch/shove the river am I 100% call?
    P.S. I have like 15-20 notes for him but I`ll save you the irrelevant ones.
    - bet/call 3bet with KQo on the flop ch/c with the gutter on the river ch/shove with no hit
    - calls bet and calls sqz with AJo after flop he calls 3 streets for 100bb with middle pair
    - as PF raiser in 3way pot CB flop 1/2p with AK on Qxx, turn 1/4p and calls raise x3 with A high

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