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Rake Races Update

Discussion in 'Other Poker Rooms' started by Admin, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Admin

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    Rake Races
    Rake Races are very valuable this month at Grinders.org - Easter had a huge effect, with most poker players taking a break at the start of the month. That applies especially for our Ipoker Rake Race at Offsidebet, as it is split into two 15 day races. Well, everyone who took part in the first race is going to get a nice prize compared to what was paid in rake. It's been mostly vankoto and PROTECTOR raking, with the rest far behind.

    Our €3500 Boss Media Rake Race at Paradise Poker is also pretty valuable, with just our PLO instructor Botafogo (monica23) having raked over 1000 Euro this month, FoProfit trailing around 200 Euro behind him and the rest being far behind. Standard 30% Boss Media Rakeback helps this offer too, indeed.

    At Betsafe, in our $1320 Ongame Rake Race we got MomPolice leading the pack with paffalot and Romanian player raluca_tott trying to hang on behind him.

    At Unibet Poker it's war as usual. Swedish, Bulgarian and Polish players are fighting over the huge €10 000 Euro prize pool, with SuperLotto still maintaining a thin lead over MrGuciGuci. That's in fact one of the largest single affiliate Unibet Rake Races you'll find on the net, and the top VIP offer to go with it is not shy either.

    Our Ladbrokes Checkpoint Rake Race is as valuable as ever as... duh, it's a Checkpoint Race after all, no surprises there :)

    Good luck to all the runners for the rest of the month!
  2. jully

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    :( really sad that I can't partisipate in the races :(
    They get bigger and bigger...!! :)

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