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Raised on river when he's repping a small range

Discussion in 'Texas Holdem Hand Discussion' started by Dexter08, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Dexter08

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    Hand History for Game 3070398963 (Prima)
    $200.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Thursday , January 07 , 08:04:04 ET 2010
    Table Englefield (Real Money)
    Seat 4 is the button
    Seat 1: no_luck_ ( $41.00 USD )
    Seat 2: Hero ( $274.40 USD )
    Seat 3: banken ( $193.05 USD )
    Seat 4: Silvervingen ( $306.45 USD )
    Seat 5: HokusDonkus ( $201.00 USD )
    Seat 6: apolloleuven ( $161.90 USD )
    HokusDonkus posts small blind $1.00 .
    apolloleuven posts big blind $2.00 .

    Dealt to Hero: :6s: :Ad:
    no_luck_ folds
    Hero raises $6.00
    Silvervingen calls $6.00
    HokusDonkus folds
    apolloleuven folds

    FLOP ($15.00)
    :6d: :Ah: :Tc:
    Hero bets $11.00
    Silvervingen calls $11.00

    TURN ($37.00)
    Hero bets $27.00
    Silvervingen calls $27.00

    RIVER ($91.00)
    Hero bets $63.00
    Silvervingen raises $262.45

    Hey guys,

    This is my first post so hello! Villain in this hand is a reg who is pretty straightforward. He runs at 24/16. His raise flop% is 13, WTSD of 22, W$WSF of 42 and W$SDof 55 so he doesnt make a tonne of moves. I feel like here he's only repping the one combo of 66 left and TT but he's so unlikely to be bluffing here - call or fold? Its another 167 to call.
  2. Zografa

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    Hi Dexter!!

    Silveringen is not that straightforward:) i like more playing him in position because he does spewy things all the time(or at least thats what ive seen him doing vs me) anyway i doubt he ever makes a lots of bluffs on that river so prolly this is a fold if there is no specific gameflow
    i also like checking somewhere in the hand too(if u check turn is for a c/r or if u c riv is to c/c)
  3. jully

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    Hi Dexter !
    I'm ma6inata in prima :)
    I think this is almost never a bluff
    yeah it's true that he don't rep that much ...but I still think that that's a fold on the riv
    he never bluff me on the riv
    most of the times he do bluffs like rr flop or stuff like that ...but I never saw him bluffing the riv and specially in this spot

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