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Promo: $760,000 Cash Point (Offsidebet - iPoker)

Discussion in 'Other Poker Rooms' started by bladeto, Apr 2, 2012.

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    $760,000 Cash Point at Offsidebet (iPoker)

    $760,000 Cash Point at Offsidebet (iPoker)

    iPoker will run the Cash Point promotion for all No Limit Hold’em cash players and will award the top performers with a total of over $760,000 in cash!

    The promotion will run in 3 cycles, each cycle will be divided to 3 weeks:
    • Cycle #1: April 2nd – April 22nd
      -Week 1: April 2nd-April 8th.
      -Week 2: April 9th-April 15th.
      -Week 3: April 16th - April 22nd.

    • Cycle #2: June 4th - June 24th
      -Week 1: June 4th-June 10th.
      -Week 2: June 11th-June 11th.
      -Week 3: June 18th- June 24th.

    • Cycle #3: September 3rd - September 23rd
      -Week 1: September 3rd – September 9th.
      -Week 2: September 10th- September 16th.
      -Week 3: September 17th- September 23rd.

    Sounds great! Where should I start?
    In order to participate in the promotion you have to register through “No play” SNGs in the lobby. The registration will be open from March 19th until the last day of the promotion.

    Ok, I am registered now, how do I get points?
    The points’ calculation will be based on the below guidelines:

    • Players will accumulate points for every hand they participate as follows:
      -Each player who participated in a hand, but lost it, will get 2 points for his participation.
      -Each player who won the hand will get 1 point for every other player who participated in the hand (excluding him).

      For example: in a 6 max table, considering that all players are participating (meaning they saw the flop), the winner will get 5 points (1 point for every participating player excluding himself) and all other players will get 2 points each.

    • Qualified hands are:
      -A hand in which the flop was dealt.
      -A hand in which there are 3 players or more participating in the hand after the flop was dealt.

    • Players need to reach a weekly minimum required number of qualified hands, and a daily maximum of qualified hands in order to participate in the promotion as follows:

      Micro $0.02/$0.04 -$0.05/$0.10 40 15
      Low $0.10/$0.20 - $0.5/$1.00 50 20
      Mid/High $1/$2 and up 60 25


    Offsidebet - iPoker
    • $10,000 Grinders Rake Race
    • CheckPoint Race
    • €8000 GrindPrix
    • First Deposit Bonus - 200% up to $2000
    • $760,000 Cash Point
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