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Promo: $100k Rakechase at PokerHost

Discussion in 'Other Poker Rooms' started by bladeto, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. bladeto

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    $100K rakechase at PokerHost in June

    The race is on! Throughout the month of June PokerHost will be running 4 rakeraces and giving away $100,000 in cash for those who race their way to a leaderboard position! To earn points all you need to do is play in any real money ring games or tournaments. To spice things up a bit there are Multipliers added in to this race. You earn Multiplers by playing in one of the tournaments listed below. Make sure to play in all 10 tournaments to have the best chance of making the cash!

    Race times:
    Race #1: 1st - 7th June 2012
    Race #2: 8th - 14th June 2012
    Race #3: 15th - 21st June 2012
    Race #4: 22nd - 29th June 2012

    * All payouts are according to the table below and will be paid directly to player accounts within 24 hours of race completion.


    For each of the tournaments below that you participate in you will have your race points multiplied by an additional 0.1, up to a maximum of 2. For example, if you participate in two tournaments listed then your race points will be multiplied by 1.2 to get your total score. If you participate in all 10, your race points will be multiplied by 2.

    The 10 tournaments which qualify for a multiplier are listed below. All times are poker time, which is GMT-5.

    15:00 $6,000 Guaranteed - 2 Rebuys / 1 Addon
    17:00 Evening 109 $20,000 Guaranteed Tournament - $109
    18:30 $5000 Guaranteed Freezeout - $22
    19:15 $10,000 Guaranteed Freezeout - $33
    20:00 Daily High Roller - $215
    21:00 $10,000 Guaranteed - Rebuys / Addon - $33
    23:00 $10,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Turbo Freezeout - $60
    00:00 $10,000 Guaranteed Turbo - 1 Rebuy / 1 Addon Tournament - $33
    Wednesday only - 19:00 Midweek Monster $25,000 Guaranteed - $60
    Sunday Only - 15:00 Sunday 150k Guaranteed - $109

    *Note - In the case that a tournament is a daily tournament, only once instance of that tournament will count as a multiplier. If you play the 19:15 $10,000 Guaranteed Freezeout every day of the race period your multiplier bonus would still only be .1
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