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Project $50

Discussion in 'Main Poker Forum' started by richard2, Sep 11, 2010.

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    I have over the last months had massive investment from SAS members. So i am going to be putting some back in..

    With effect Sunday June 8th I am allowing $50 from my Small Bankroll to go out in $5.50 stakes so that members can earn some points and make a few
    dollars to boot..

    Standard 50/50 split on all stakes upon posting/accepting but if any player brings in a good return I will boost that too 60/40 in players favour
    (OR There abouts) after stakeback..

    As long as stakes continue to bring back wins I will continue to post $5.50 stakes until such time as the Bankroll reaches $500. If at any time this
    occurs ALL horses who have participated will share 50% of the TOTAL bankroll as a bonus and we shall start again. Shares of the winnings will be Equal
    (Regardless of how many stakes are played in relation to cashes). This is about winning for each other and building bankrolls..

    Stakes will be posted Daily as long as funds permit..

    AS A bonus: The first player (involved already in this venture) that spots my staker points exceeding 250 points can win a $5.50 stake with 90% split
    after Stakeback. The first PM recieved will win this stake..

    Standard Post will be $5.50 Stake.. Simply let me know what you intend to play when applying and I will think up a suitable bonus..

    Starting Bankroll - $50
    Stakes Posted - 9 + 9 + 10
    Stakers involved so far - 13

    Project Bankroll - $0

    Will add more Stakes once todays are complete

    Stats for each Day stakers

    Day ONE
    PNLP WINS 2nd place in his 27man earning him 60% instead of 50 to Return $18.10
    Frodo comes through with a win collecting his 60% bonus to return $33 to the stakeroll
    Bam808 also returns $9 after a good solid performance

    Day TWO
    Nyeung Nails second in his debut stake earning a bonus and returns $7.50
    BostonPride Nails Third and a Bonus to return $11
    Frodo FT's and returns $6 for his second Back to Back Cash
    Hibbs runs well and cashes for a $17.50 Return

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