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PokerStars Celebrates 40 Billionth Online Poker Hand

Discussion in 'Main Poker Forum' started by Pro2type, Feb 21, 2010.

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    The historical hand was dealt on $2/$4 No Limit Hold`em table to the lucky Senecady, who walked away with $24 000.

    Each player who was seating on the table won a colossal $400 for every VIP Player Point (VPP) amassed in the previous 40 hands at the table. Senecady was in the cutoff and dealt K-10 offsuit. In the end, the board read 7-Q-7-10-7, giving Senecady a full house, defeating Joe Hahn’s K-J and thecooler292’s K-5. The pot amounted to $401.

    The waiting list for “Naef III,” the table that hosted the winning hand, numbered 128 PokerStars users when the clock struck 12:43pm. Players in the historic 40 billionth hand were guaranteed a payout of $400.

    Here’s the final distribution of the bonus:
    Senecady - $24,000.00
    thecooler992 - $15,590.20
    zawaaa - $15,590.20
    jeckjeck - $12,400.80
    13_Xerxes_13 - $1,500.00
    Joe Hahn - $1,500.00

    According to PokerScout.com, which keeps tabs on online poker room traffic, a peak of 53,371 real money ring game players were logged into PokerStars on Friday. The day before, the maximum number of cash game players was just under 50,000, representing a sizable jump as the 40 billionth hand approached.

    Still to come as part of the PokerStars 40 billionth hand celebration, dubbed F40, is a $4 million guaranteed version of the site’s weekly Sunday Million. The $215 buy-in online poker tournament will shell out at least $1 million to the winner and begins at 4:30pm ET on Sunday.

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