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Pokerstars and Moneybookers !?

Discussion in 'Main Poker Forum' started by diantonio, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. diantonio

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    Ok guys ,
    this is god damn f***ed up ! Pokerstars are doing everything so low stacks players could NOT cash out money ... WHY ?
    100$ minimum cash out for VISA ? What about moneybookers ? - i tried to VERIFY 2 DEBIT cards but due to broken internet banking i couldn't figure out the random cash amount they take for verification and they blocked the cards from registration ...

    Is there any other whey to take my money , or can i send my 30 leva back to pokerstars ?

    Оправих се - в покерстарс имало опция да тегля направо от moneybookers :)
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