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Featured PokerHost shutting down

Discussion in 'Main Poker Forum' started by Mariya, Jul 8, 2018.

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    In the beginning of August PokerHost is closing. Because the poker room has its own independent cashier system, etc., there will be no migration to other poker gaming sites.

    All current players in the room have enough time to withdraw money from their accounts until July 31st.

    The reasons for PokerHost’s closing haven’t been officially announced, leaving the doors open for speculations and rumors.

    One reason for the ceasing PokerHost’s operations are the negative reactions after the scandal with bots. Another possible reason is the fact that the poker room couldn’t make the most benefit of Winning Poker Network’s promotions, like other poker rooms such as ACR and Black Chip Poker.

    There are rumors that the PokerHost has been looking for a new home for a while, but after a few months of unsuccessful search and lack of financial results, the site has decided to cease the operations with customers.

    There will be no problems with the withdrawal of players' funds.

    PokerHost is expediting all withdrawals as soon as they’re requested by players at the poker room. All Bitcoin and Skrill payouts will be free of charge, with the normal fees applied to other payout methods.

    For questions about your PokerHost’s account, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@grinders.org

    Here is a brief history of PokerHost's long-standing activity. It was launched in 2005 as part of Dobrosoft network. After a year, the poker room had moved to Tribeca Poker Network and after a while in Microgaming. In 2006, PokerHost migrated to the Cake Poker Network until the Lock Poker’s scandal.

    Due to its own independent cashier system, players' money remain untouched, but the room had to move again - this time in the Merge Poker Network. There was a brief adventure with Equity Poker Network in 2014, which ended with the final moving to Winning Poker Network.

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