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PLO, Botafogo - Hem HH Review

Discussion in 'Poker Videos' started by Admin, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    Poker Hands:
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    [IMGlink]http://www.grindersbg.com/forums/images/ddgreyarea/custom/download.png[/IMGlink] Download
    HEM hand history review by Botafogo, including many HU pots and in depth analysis of some difficult situations playing out of position. The video includes some examples of using propokertools.com and some general ideas and tips about how to improve your poker thinking in general.
  2. jully

    jully Super Moderator

    Poker Hands:
    Good job as ussual :)
    Botafogo is bringing the game to another level :)
  3. Ozzy

    Ozzy Active Member

    Poker Hands:
    going to check it out soon :)
  4. dumpdump

    dumpdump New Member

    Poker Hands:
    Hi, not sure if this site is still maintained or not, but I enjoyed your videos Botafogo. However I have a question about this video. There is a hand where you show that KQ95 has good equity vs 89 on a JT7 flop.

    Now I believe that of course, but what I would be worried about here is that AKQx is very much in his range too and has us crushed. You don't mention this possibility and I am wondering do you just consider that a cooler?

    Hope to see more videos coming.

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