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Discussion in 'PKR' started by GrindEN, Apr 27, 2016.

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    With the new PKR VIP CLub you can earn up to 30% raw cashback really easy!

    You just have to play, entertain and earn VIP points!

    There are cashable and non-cashable points.
    The cashable points can be exchanged for up to 30% Cashback while the non-cashable points can be used for spending on tournament entries at a rate of 250 points per $1 (or euro equivalent and a wide range of avatar enhancements (clothing, accessories, chip tricks and collectibles).

    VIP Level Monthly VIP Points required Cashback % Free Casino Games
    Blue 0 5 -
    Silver 150 10 5
    Gold 500 15 10
    Platinum 1,500 20 25
    Sapphire 5,000 25 50
    Sapphire Elite* 30,000** 30 100

    *Every $1 paid in rake is equal to 10 VIP Points, you can exchange them for up to 30% Cashback!

    Please contact us at skype: grinderssupport for more information regarding your VIP Club status level!

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