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Over pair in 3way pot vs. turn ch/r

Discussion in 'Texas Holdem Hand Discussion' started by Pro2type, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Pro2type

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    Trophy Points:
    +321 / 3 / -5
    Poker Hands:
    NL Holdem $2(BB) Replayer Game#3049834447

    riquelme19 ($199)
    samcollins ($251)
    Hero ($218)
    Mozgolom ($40)
    Pjotrek ($308)

    riquelme19 posts (SB) $1
    samcollins posts (BB) $2

    Dealt to Hero: :Ks: :Kd:
    Hero raises to $6
    fold ,
    Pjotrek calls $6
    fold ,
    samcollins calls $4

    ($19) :5c: :2h: :6d:
    samcollins checks
    Hero bets $13
    Pjotrek calls $13
    samcollins calls $13

    ($58) :5c: :2h: :6d: :Qc:
    samcollins checks
    Hero bets $39
    Pjotrek folds
    samcollins raises to $84

    The guy is monkey 34/25/3 for 2,5k hands. He calls pre-flop raise 25%, after flop folds to cbet 42%, likes to ch/r especially on the turn (17/26/14 %). Pretty much he hates me, and he is losing all of his hands vs. me this session (like 8-10 hands for over 15bb). My plan here is to call the turn and call every river not sure if that is so good idea. My notes 4 him :
    1. 3 barrels as PF raiser OOP w air on random turn and river
    2. lead flop and turn as PF caller OOP w flush draw and value bet hit on the river with 1/2 pot
    3. Bets always when he sense weakness

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