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Offsidebet(iPoker) rake race

Discussion in 'Main Poker Forum' started by Zografa, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Zografa

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    Here is the thread for our Offsidebet offer. As you know there are TWO rake races in February too. One from 1. till 14. February and another from 15 till the end of February. Here is the payout for the first one:

    1 $210
    2 $170
    3 $145
    4 $120
    5 $100
    6 $85
    7 $75
    8 $65
    9 $55
    10 $45
    11 $35
    12 $30
    13 $25
    14 $20
    15 $17
    16 $14
    17 $12
    18 $10
    19 $9
    20 $8
  2. Admin

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    Our iPoker Rake Race has become really valuable this month I think, two races for March $2000 each at Offsidebet. Let's hope we can keep it this good for April.

    It's pretty much 3 players pushing this month - Achtung, Protector and Vankoto :) The players behind them are getting real good value for their rake without being huge rakers. Standings and payouts can be found at our Rake Races page

    By the way one nice thing to note about this deal is that our affiliate manager at Offsidebet is doing a great job with payments, every single time so far (been almost half a year since we work together). Rake Race prizes and prizes from the checkpoint race get paid the afternoon after the corresponding race is over. Payments can be found in the sportsbook account.

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