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Featured October's newsletter

Discussion in 'Main Poker Forum' started by AstraLa, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. AstraLa

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    Hello grinders,

    Here you will find everything about the site for the upcoming month, about our future projects and most importantly - our top poker deals for October.

    We begin with the most important announcement:

    As you might have noticed, in the last couple of months the normal activity of the site was noticeably impaired and in some cases - totally disrupted.

    There were several reasons for this and unfortunately - they all happened at the same time...

    As from October we will be fully operational and will try to meet your expectations. The first and most important step was to send all payments that have been delayed.

    We are glad to announce that all this is already a fact and the money has been sent to your accounts. However we kindly ask that if somebody encounters any problem, delay or miscalculation, to contact us asap!

    Please accept our apologies for the huge delay, as poker players we understand the caused inconvenience, and hopefully we can regain your trust!

    Check out the two main changes for October:

    Grind Prix changes


    Unfortunately we have to announce that we are changing the prize pool of our Grind Prix race to €8,000 - the change is not big, but it's necessary.

    The amount of the prize pool is direct reflection of the activity of our players. The summer months are traditionally less active. It's totally understandable that a lot of our players prefer to pay more attention to the good weather, the sunny beaches and the cold cocktails - all of that leads to this change.

    The end of the summer and the good weather (oh no!) will put everything back to normal and hopefully the prize pool of our Grind Prix will be restored accordingly and perhaps surpass its previous size - everything is in your hands!

    MGU changes


    The MGU changes are imposed primarily because of the inability of the poker rooms to send us regular updates for the number of hands - that lead to the inability to update our races/rankings which lead to the huge wave of discontent among our players.

    Unfortunately, keeping a record of how many hands each player makes is not a priority for the poker rooms. However, this is opposed to the number of raked hands!

    As a result we change the whole format or if we have to put it more precisely - we are taking the MGU race back to its original variation.

    More info HERE.


    Now it's time to make our traditional review of the poker deals for October:


    At the moment Tigergaming is the best offer that we have. The reasons for this are the following:

    - the poker room has huge value of their reload bonuses
    - the software has undergone a total makeover - from its previous ugly look to the beautiful classic FullTilt view
    - the game is very soft because of the constant influx of fish from North America
    - the traffic is excellent even in the higher limits
    - the poker room participates in all Grinders promotions and rankings

    Check all the room promotions for October:
    • Special reload bonuses
    • $8,000 exclusive Grinders rake race
    • UPDATED: Grind Prix
    • UPDATED: MGU hand race
    • $20,000 MTT Challenge
    • $5,000 Weekly SNG Leaderboard
    • Free Hand Grabber for our players
    • Weekly tournaments with big guaranteed prize pools

    Betsafe, Betsson and Triobet continue to delight us with their various offers.

    Check the most interesting deals in the three poker rooms for October:
    • 30% rakeback
    • €1,000 first deposit bonus
    • €20,000 rake race
    • UPDATED: MGU hand race
    • Grinders rake race
    • €500 Grinders hand race
    • UPDATED: Grind Prix
    • €10,000 SNG challenge
    • Fish Party Jackpot SNG
    • Sunday tournament with €25,000 GTD


    The deal in PokerHost continues to be strong. That's why for October we increase the rake race up to $750!

    The other big offer is their tournament series with guaranteed prize pool of $977,500. It's called "High Five" and will be held from 19th to 23rd October.

    Here is everything you need to know about PokerHost for October:

    • 27% rakeback
    • 100% deposit bonus
    • $750 Grinders rake race
    • Platinum Reward Program
    • The Beatdown
    • Updated: Grind Prix
    • $977,500 GTD tournament series "High Five"
    • Progressive SNG race
    • Sunday Special

    "PlanetWin365" constantly make players happy with their enthusiasm to provide good and interesting promotions.

    In October we continue with the cash bomb for €20,000 - they give €5 every 10 minutes.

    The VIP deal is very good. Send us an email for more info!

    To sum up:
    • €500 deposit bonus
    • Promotion for raked hands
    • €20,000 cash drop
    • 30% Lossback bonus
    • VIP program
    • UPDATED: Grind Prix
    • UPDATED: MGU hand race


    Our deal in Bwin is great, but the interest and the activity of our players have slightly decreased. Therefore the rake race of Grinders in Bwin is reduced to $2,000. It might be restored to its full value in the next few months.

    Here are all the deals:
    • UPDATED: $2,000 Grinders rake race
    • 100% deposit bonus up to $100
    • VIP Program
    • SNG Challenge
    • Fastforward Challenge
    • CCG Challenge
    • Cash game missions

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    Attention all players!
    The second qualification period for Battle of Malta promotion has been cancelled due to low interest!

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