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News New deal - Loca Casino

Discussion in 'Main Poker Forum' started by Mariya, Jan 21, 2016.

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    It`s been a while since we have presented a completely new poker room.
    That is why we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Loca Casino!

    In this review you will find all the necessary information regarding the deal in Loca Casino and why we think it has a great value.

    Just keep in mind that this is not your average standard poker deal...

    Deposits and withdrawals

    Just as in Fulpot (which we offer for few months already) the deposits and withdrawals in Loca Casino happen through Grinders.org. What does this mean? Whenever you want to deposit you can contact us via email or skype (grinderssuport) and we will send the funds directly to your Loca account.
    Available payment methods: Skrill, Neteller.
    There are no limits in the amount of deposit or withdrawal.


    The currency of Loca Casino is Turkish Lira. The good news is that you don`t have to pay any additional fees when you exchange from USD or EUR for example. When you make a deposit or withdrawal we use the current exchange rates at www.xe.com.


    Currently the network uses the same software as the Winning Poker Network (if you play at PokerHost you are familiar with it). Therefore it is safe to say that the software has all necessary features.
    It is also important to note that the network is planning to change its current software provider and to switch to another software which would be even better.

    Room traffic

    While waiting for the change of the software provide the Loca Casino poker room has few limitations when it comes to traffic. Currently there are 3 6-max tables for every limit which leads to the fact that many players start full ring tables. Good thing is that in most cases there are still 6-7 players on them.

    Most of the players are recreational and barely know the rules, therefore the room has great additional value. The network works mainly with agents and their only task is to bring players from different online casinos.

    When it comes to traffic and volume of tables and players - the room still can`t compare to its competitors, but on 200 TL (approximately $100) there are few tables during the early hours and in the evenings there are between 3 and 6 tables.

    On the higher limits, 300 TL - 500 TL, the action slows down but there are tables throughout the day.
    The traffic is similar to all European networks - starts mainly at noon and increases throughout the day. Peak hours are from 6:00 PM to 00:00.


    The current rake structure is:

    Limit Rake
    0-500 TL 5% NO CAP*
    500+ 3% NO CAP*

    As you can see, the rake is slightly higher than the regular rooms and networks but it is not that higher compared to similar rooms and networks.

    On limits up to 100 TL the difference between "normal rooms", where the rake is also 5%, is difficult to see.

    For example: on 100 NL (in Turkish Lira) two players go all-in and the pot is 200 TL. The rake is 10 TL which is equal to $3.3 which is close to the standard $3 CAP.

    On the higher limits the difference becomes more visible but it is not that significant until 500 TL. The main reason for that is there is a difference only in pots of more than 200 TL.

    In conclusion: There is a difference and the rake is higher compared to normal rooms but it isn`t different than FulPot or AsyaPoker. And the low level of players surely compensates for that :)

    *There are ongoing discussions about changing the rake structure as it is at iPoker.


    Another important thing to notice here is that there are currently no ongoing promotions. However, this doesn`t mean that there is no rakeback, the room has simply chosen another way of giving back to players - with the so called direct rakeback.

    So that deal is more than simple:

    1. Direct rakeback: every Monday you receive your rakeback directly in your account. The official rakeback is 30% but you guessed right - we have something special for you as our players so don`t hesitate to contact us at support@grinders.org and find out what is it.

    2. GrindPrix: except the direct rakeback when you play at Loca Casino via Grinders.org you participate in our €10,000 Grind Prix.

    After the switch to the new software there will be many great promotions and bonuses!

    Omaha/Turkish Poker

    Omaha games are becoming more and more popular and there is significant amount of PLO action at Loca Casino. The room also offers the not-so-familiar-yet Turkish poker which is really exciting and entertaining.

    Even though the offer at Loca Casino looks a bit different we really believe you should try it. You can add it to your main room and have great added value from the direct rakeback and extremely weak players! The software is good enough and soon it will be significantly improved. If you have any additional questions about this new deal simply contact us at support@grinders.org!
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