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Netherlands roommate

Дискусия в 'Обяви' започната от Wissy, 20 май 2020.

  1. Wissy

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    Hello, I'm going to type in English as my "shliokoviza" will not be appreciated from this device.
    Some of you know me but I've most likely changed a bit since you've last heard of me. To give you a better understanding at where I am currently in my life and all you need to know basically, you can check my about panels on Twitch .
    I'm sending you the ad I sent in my starcraft community so anything else you might need to know you should find it below.
    #Netherlands Any awesome professional male that wants to be roommates for a minimum of 6months to possible 1-2years in the near future this is what I'm looking for :
    - I don't mind the city as long as I can find a simple 9-5 warehouse job as 10euro bruto minimum for a nice 40hour a week workout is easy free money. The bio/ogranic groceries are cheaper than in Bulgaria? lol...
    - I would prefer that including utilities our rent would max at 1200eu meaning 600 each. I will pay extra for the internet as we are going to get pretty much the best they have(300-500mb/s is sufficient). I would prefer a house or more green area but I would be ok with an apartment as well. I don't mind paying any upfront fee's depostis x5 if I need too. I would expect for you to pay me half the rent each month if you don't want to be in contract. I would be fine if you need to leave and I need to find another roommate or I need to cover the other ~600eu. If the law says you have to be in contract and don't mind we put in that side clause so you are comfy if for some reason you have an emergency or just dislike living with me :D
    - I'm obviously a deeply religious person for those of you who know me by know so I would only accept atheits etc that are very respectful and don't like to curse like some of our recent casters.
    - I do not like very noisy people especially after 12am. If you need work at night or do something please do it quietly.
    - I grind non stop something if I'm not praying, sleeping or eating.
    - I will only go out to run or the stores. Maybe once a week or something I don't mind if we go to a restaurant or bar. I however will leave early always if you want to stay :D
    - I like all kinds of interesting conversations as long as you are ok on agreeing to disagree sometimes as it might happen ^^
    - Be a relatively clean/tidy person as I don't really like to hire someone to clean my house.

    Bonuses with me : I can cook for both dinner sometimes when I have energy as I enjoy doing it and I'm decent at it. You can use my Volcano vaporizer at all times as I vape daily. If thats your medicine we can get more legal variety in instead of going to the coffeeshop constantly(5g per person at a time). You can use my car at almost all times because It would be parked most of the time. I drive manual transmission. If my work isn't far I might go by bike for extra workout so it might be at home always.

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