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Discussion in 'Покер ръце' started by kinqta, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. kinqta

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    Game hhversion="5" id="5837630834" date="2015-12-17 10:13:44" unicodetablename="QwBvAG4AZwBhAGwAaQBlACAALQAgAKwgNQAwACAATQBhAHgA" tablename="Congalie - €50 Max" stakes="0.25|0.50" betlimit="NL" tabletype="Cash Game" unicodetabletype="QwBhAHMAaAAgAEcAYQBtAGUA" gametypeid="1" gametype="Hold'em" realmoney="true" currencysymbol="rCA=" playerseat="3" betamount="2000" istournament="0" totalplayers="6" tablesize="6" badbeat="true" currencyId="26" rake="150"
    Seat num="1" alias="KovarenOne" unicodealias="SwBvAHYAYQByAGUAbgBPAG4AZQA=" balance="52.94" endbalance="52.94" dealer="true"/
    Seat num="2" alias="JamesStan" unicodealias="SgBhAG0AZQBzAFMAdABhAG4A" balance="50.00" endbalance="49.75"/
    Seat num="3" alias="kinqtas" unicodealias="awBpAG4AcQB0AGEAcwA=" balance="51.25" endbalance="31.25"/
    Seat num="4" alias="BeFriendly" unicodealias="QgBlAEYAcgBpAGUAbgBkAGwAeQA=" balance="112.73" endbalance="112.73"/
    Seat num="5" alias="MTGProplayer" unicodealias="TQBUAEcAUAByAG8AcABsAGEAeQBlAHIA" balance="51.85" endbalance="70.60"/
    Seat num="6" alias="IamWinner777" unicodealias="SQBhAG0AVwBpAG4AbgBlAHIANwA3ADcA" balance="133.96" endbalance="133.96"/
    Action seq="1" type="SmallBlind" seat="2" value="0.25"/
    Action seq="2" type="BigBlind" seat="3" value="0.50"/
    Action seq="3" type="DealCards" seat="3"
    Card value="10" suit="s" id="9"/
    Card value="10" suit="d" id="35"/
    Action seq="4" type="Fold" seat="4"/
    Action seq="5" type="Raise" seat="5" value="1.50"/
    Action seq="6" type="Fold" seat="6"/
    Action seq="7" type="Fold" seat="1"/
    Action seq="8" type="Fold" seat="2"/
    Action seq="9" type="Raise" seat="3" value="4.00"/
    Action seq="10" type="Call" seat="5" value="3.00"/
    Action seq="11" type="DealFlop"
    Card value="7" suit="s" id="6"/
    Card value="J" suit="c" id="23"/
    Card value="6" suit="s" id="5"/
    Action seq="12" type="Bet" seat="3" value="5.00"/
    Action seq="13" type="Call" seat="5" value="5.00"/
    Action seq="14" type="DealTurn"
    Card value="7" suit="d" id="32"/
    Action seq="15" type="Check" seat="3"/
    Action seq="16" type="Bet" seat="5" value="10.50"/
    Action seq="17" type="Call" seat="3" value="10.50"/
    Action seq="18" type="DealRiver"
    Card value="3" suit="d" id="28"/
    Action seq="19" type="Check" seat="3"/
    Action seq="20" type="AllIn" seat="5" value="31.85"/
    Action seq="21" type="Fold" seat="3"/
    Action seq="22" type="MuckCards" seat="5"/
    Action type="Win"
    Seat num="5" amount="70.60" pot="0" type="" lowhandwin="0"/

    ExtendedTableName: Congalie - €50 Max 201354

    Tук кола май го испусахмe.

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