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MTT Leaderboard Challenge

Discussion in 'Tigergaming' started by Mariya, Sep 3, 2015.

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    Finish in the top 100 places in the Leaderboards challenge in all categories i.e. Bronze, Silver or Gold - and get automatically registered into the Face-Off tournaments running in the beginning of the next calendar month.

    All these tournaments are freezeout and the top 30 finishes will share the prize pool.

    If you qualify in more than one category you will automatically be registered for the highest level. For example: if you finish in the top 100 places on both the Silver and Gold categories you will get entry into the Gold $2,000 Face-Off Tournament.

    When winner appears in more than one category but only receives the entry into the highest category tournament, their position in the categories where they do not qualify will be taken by the next player in that category.

    *This promotion is only valid for the Multi-Table tournament leaderboards, the single table leaderboards have a separate promotion.

    On top of that there are free cash prizes for $5000 every week!

    You can see them in the following chart:
    1 $1,000 $500 $250
    2 $700 $350 $175
    3 $400 $200 $100
    4 $200 $100 $50
    5 $100 $50 $25
    6 $80 $40 $20
    7 $60 $30 $15
    8-10 $40 $20 $10
    11-20 $20 $10 $5

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