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Merge Rakeback up to 35%, the network is growing

Discussion in 'Other Poker Rooms' started by Admin, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Admin

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    Merge Rakeback
    Merge Poker Network, and subsequently our partners PokerHost, are now paying out 35% rakeback, up from 30%. It is paid daily (!) directly to player accounts. At PokerHost our players can combine rakeback with a 100% $600 first deposit bonus, and after clearing that, 50% $200 reload bonuses are available.

    Not having requirements for minimum rake in order to have 35% of merge rakeback and those bonuses, PokerHost is turning into our best offer for microstakes grinders going up the levels, and of course the offer is becoming more attractive to higher stakes players as well.

    Another great news for Merge (and sadly bad for Cake Poker Network) is PlayersOnly and SportsBook, two huge skins that were operating on Cake, have now switched to Merge, pretty much tripling the traffic of the network. The best part is those skins are considered to be full of recreational players and sports bettors :).

    Merge has some nice features like allowing American players and having a great software client, so all things considered, there is certainly potential for growth.

    Merge Rakeback at PokerHost
  2. jully

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    Really like pokerhost ,I played alot at it back in a day :)
    Merge deal is really great ,The software is good and the players are weak . :)

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