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March Ladbrokes Hot Poker Deals

Discussion in 'Other Poker Rooms' started by nofoldpoker, Mar 1, 2012.

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    March is here and we just got the latest Hot Poker Deals and promotions from Ladbrokes.com. This is your chance to win tons of money with the exclusive promotions that Grinders.org and Ladbrokes have put together just for you!

    These promotions are hotter than the sun, and we are sure that €10,000 sounds good to start with, and €10,000 is exactly what Ladbrokes is giving you on their Sit n Go Points Race that starts on March 5th and ends up on 15th of that same month. All you need to do to win the first prize of €1,500 is to play as much as you can on the Sit n Goes and check the leader-board to make sure you is still winning.

    If you enjoy spending time on twitter and Facebook, then Ladbrokes also gives you the chance to be part of their Social Tournament Series, all you need to do is to follow them on twitter and Facebook, and check the schedule to be part of the tournaments that they will be posting. Some of them are freerolls with great money! If you don’t find them on twitter or Facebook, well you may also follow us @grindersorg or finds us as grinders.org on Facebook and we will make sure that you get the chance to be part of the series.

    But this is not all! Grinders.org also gives you the chance to double up your earnings by playing at Ladbrokes, all you need to do is create an account through our links and we will double up your Grind Prix reward every month. For more information about the Grind Prix visit the Grind Prix Standings.

    If you still don’t have an account and you are planning to create one remember that with us you will get 250% First Deposit Bonus up to $1500, plus rakeback. If you want more information about this or any other deal Skype us: grinders.deals or send us an email to: grinders.deals@gmail.com.

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