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Loyalty Program

Discussion in 'Triobet' started by Kristina, Jun 26, 2015.

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    We think that every poker player earns to be rewarded. Hence Triobet Poker Loyalty Program is tailored to reward from your very first poker hand onwards. Play cash games or tournaments, collect loyalty points and you’ll see how rewards and benefits begin to flood in.

    The way it works is very simple. Exchange your points into cash or buy-in to tournaments in your convenience. On the top of cashback and tournament tickets, every player benefits from monthly rewards like freerolls, free sports bets, free casino spins and bonuses.

    For example, if you play all the way up to the Fisherman level in the loyalty ladder you’ll be rewarded for your loyalty with up to 30% rakeback.

    On top of cash back Triobet treats you with up to €25 free bet and casino free spins. Let alone all freerolls and monthly Reload bonus up €100.

    Tier Points Rakeback Reload bonus Sports bet Free Spins Freerolls
    Fisherman 3000+ 30% Yes € 25 50 Yes
    Killer Whale 1000 - 2999 20% Yes € 15 25 Yes
    Shark 500 - 999 15% Yes € 10 10 Yes
    Baby Shark 1 - 499 10% Yes - 5 Yes

    You receive $1 in cash in exchange for every 30 Loyalty Points. You can buy in to the tournament with exchange rate 100 Loyalty Points to $1 tournament buy-in.

    Loyalty Points

    Loyalty Points are generated when you play poker for real money. The more you play, the more loyalty points you get. They are used to set your monthly loyalty level, to redeem cash, to enter into tournaments and benefit from many of our monthly promotions and extra perks.
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