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LAPT Announce Schedule for Season 5

Discussion in 'Other Poker Rooms' started by nofoldpoker, Feb 29, 2012.

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    After just one week of Season 4 coming to an end in the paradise known as Sao Paulo, Brazil, the organizers of the Latin American Poker Tour have announced the schedule for Season 5. If you are one of those players that seek for new poker adventures, well then maybe the LAPT 2012 will be a great fit for you.

    Last season was a record breaker, where players from over the world gathered and played in the different stops of the circuit. Although, most of the players come from Latin America, but there are plenty more that have found a great way to make money and have fun in the tournaments too. The winner of Sao Paulo was the German player Daniele Nestola that visited with some friends, he won a $168,747 prize and had the chance to enjoy the Brazilian carnival with the style of PokerStars, which rented a huge space for all the players to watch and enjoy the carnival with them.

    Different from other years, the LAPT schedule was the same as last year, and the reason for this is that they received a great number of players and they expect to duplicate the number by keeping the same format as last year. The LAPT Season 5 will start in Chile and will continue to move to Colombia, Uruguay and Peru.

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