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Discussion in 'Poker Hands' started by shoma, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. shoma

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    Poker Hands:
    NL Holdem $0.10(BB) Replayer Game#3527135740

    Barman3k ($15.95)
    HelmsHero ($41.98)
    BENTHEGREAT ($4.38)
    Trinity13 ($8.85)
    Hero ($10.36)
    iizzie87 ($15.39)

    Barman3k posts (SB) $0.05
    HelmsHero posts (BB) $0.10

    Dealt to Hero: :Kh: :Kc:
    BENTHEGREAT calls $0.10
    Trinity13 calls $0.10
    Hero raises to $0.50
    iizzie87 calls $0.50
    fold ,
    HelmsHero calls $0.40
    BENTHEGREAT calls $0.40
    Trinity13 calls $0.40

    ($2.55) :3s: :4d: :2c:
    HelmsHero checks
    BENTHEGREAT checks
    Trinity13 bets $1.30

    Trinity is 66/5/5 and donk bets in 65% , like him , all the others are total passive Callings except iizie87 who looks maniac for 20 hands.
    I beat 55 ,66 ,77 ,88 ,99 ,TT ,JJ ,QQ ,45/55%vs45% for the last one/
    22 ,33 ,44 ,23 ,34 beat me
    And I don't think that he'll donk bet with gut shot straight draw like Ax. Anyway I believe he has an overpair here , because no matter his high donk bet procentage we're in 5Way pot here.
    Do you think I could happily raise like 5.50??

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