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Discussion in 'Main Poker Forum' started by Admin, Jun 1, 2011.

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    Hey guys

    Excuse the lack of news, we are still working hard, don't worry :).

    Most payouts for May's rake races have been ordered and should be paid soon, Grind Prix rewards will also be paid in the next few days, that usually happens within first 5-6 days of the month.

    For June value will be as great as ever at grinders.org, maybe even a bit more. Greatest upgrade this month: we are trying a promotion where Ladbrokes players will get a double reward from the Grind Prix! Even if you get first place, we will double your reward to a staggering 1600 euro! Note - if you play at other rooms too, only the part of the reward that was contributed by your Ladbrokes play will be doubled. Example - if 1/3 of your Grind Prix rake was done at Ladbrokes, then just 1/3 of the reward for your position will be doubled at the end of the month. Go check out our Ladbrokes deal

    Other than that, Offsidebet is going great and the race will stay 4500 for first 15 days with the option to have a bigger one for the second half of the month. C4A race will be 2k euro instead of 1500, Diamondbet race will have to become just a bit smaller for that summer month, action there has dropped a tad. Most other races and promotions will remain the same. The new leader boards should be online very soon.

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