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June`s hottest offers

Discussion in 'Main Poker Forum' started by PecataOG, Jun 1, 2016.

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    June is kicking off, but our new deals and pimped up races wont let you chill!

    Grinders.org is declaring a war to the low rakeback!

    How nice would it be if you earn some additional rakeback or score your May`s best winnings session and put an extra money in your pockets, before the summer holiday season begins?

    There's just so much to offer you this month - new "exotic" poker rooms, new rake races and increased prizepools of the ones already running!

    Let me do a quick summary of all the new HOT stuff that we've prepared for you in June:
    • Tigergaming - Less regulars, big rake race, more winnings!
    • Pokerhost - The new-old $2000 rake race returns!
    • Fulpot - Big suprise coming up!
    • Planetwin - Boosted €750 rake race!
    • Bwin - The $2000 rake race with enormous value!
    • .IT Networks - Increase your win rate!
    • GG Network - Best Soft Network out there!
    Tigergaming changed a lot their rakeback policy during the last months. They took a decision to "Strike back the regulars" and significantly lowered the promotions and the reload bonuses value.

    That caused a migration of regulars who left the room. This means that now the games are becoming softer and softer like in the good old days!

    Have no fear! We got your back!
    We are going to keep the big prize pool of our Exclusive $8000 Tiger rake race, which means that there's so much value for each one of you, like never before.
    The average rake race value for June will be around 15%.. possibly even more.

    In addition, all our players participate in our exclusive €10,000 Grind Prix race, Grinders rake chase and MGU, all these promotions could give you up to 40% - 45% not even mentioning the Tigergaming promotions that will add even more value to our VIP deal!

    After the end of our WSOP 2016 promotion the participants are ready for the big Vegas Fun!
    Now it's about time to give another fresh start to our PokerHost private $2000 rake race.

    As you know, our VIP deal at PokerHost gives constantly big rewards!

    Here are some of the major Grinders.org and PokerHost promos:

    - $2,000 Grinders exclusive rake race
    - Reload bonuses
    - €10,000 Grind Prix
    - MGU hands race
    - As low as 27% rakeback
    - The Beatdown


    We all expected that Hive network will join the new NYX (ex. Ongame), but so far there is no indication this will happen at all.

    What actually happened is that most of the Hive skins left the network and they were waiting for Planetwin to do the same before merging with NYX. Unfortunately for them Planetwin365 is still in The Hive, continuing the supply with "fishes" to the network.

    Although the current traffic is worse compared to couple of monts ago, the games are definitely softer than before.

    We want to give you an extra incentive and that is why we boosted our €500 rake race with another 50% to a total of €750!

    On the top of the rake race, all Grinders players are offered a special rake chase, they also participate in our multi-room rake race - Grind Prix and our progressive hands race called MGU.

    You didn't think that is all, right?
    Grinders players are also eligible for all Planetwin365 central promotions!

    The room is suitable for 5nl to 50nl players who wish to quickly build their bankroll!

    For those of you who still don't know, Fulpot poker is the most popular Korean social gaming platform - it is like Zynga poker.

    Here the juicy games never die!
    On the top of our exclusive rake chase and the up to 40% unique VIP program we are launching another surprise, which will be announced in just couple of days.

    Our exclusive $2000 Bwin rake race is still continuing to reward Grinders players with a massive 15% to 30% rakeback and that is absolutely on top of the Bwin`s VIP and the large variety of different bonuses and promotions!

    Don't miss it!

    .IT networks
    Fresh out the oven are our VIP deals at some of the TOP Italian poker networks - Peoples Poker, iPoker.it and Ongame.it.

    There is just so much fun playing against Italian opponents!

    Even after so many years of poker regulation on the Italian market, the games are still super soft and attractive.

    The action both on the micro and high stakes is really decent.

    If you want to increase your win rate playing there just contact us via skype: grinders.org.vip and we are going to help you with that!

    GG Network
    Are you still carefully reading?

    We are offering again a deal at one of the world's most wanted Asian poker network. The players there are so bad that it is almost impossible to believe your eyes!

    If you want a big bite from the "easy money", then you have to contact us at skype: grinders.org.vip



    • 100% Deposit bonus up to $2,500
    • TeamTiger reload bonuses
    • $8,000 Exclusive Grinders Rake race
    • Grinders Rake chase
    • €10,000 Grind Prix
    • $1,550 MGU Hands race
    • Free HH converter
    • $500 New players freeroll
    • $25,000 SNG Leaerboard


    • 27% Rakeback
    • 100% Deposit bonus
    • 100% Reload bonus up to $600
    • $2000 Grinders Rake race
    • Platinum Reward Program
    • The Beatdown
    • €10,000 Grind Prix
    • MGU Hands race
    • Progressive SNG Rake race
    • Sunday Special

    • €500 Deposit bonus
    • €750 Grinders Rake race
    • Grinders Rake chase
    • VIP program
    • SNG leaderboard
    • €10,000 Grind Prix
    • Daily raked hands promotion
    • €25,000 Bad Beat Jackpot
    • Free HH converter
    • 30% Lossback bonus
    • €5 Red Kings bonus

    • 30% Rakeback
    • €1000 First deposit bonus
    • €20,000 Rake race
    • MGU Hands race
    • Grinders rake chase
    • €500 Grinders hands race
    • €10,000 Grind Prix
    • €10,000 SNG Challenge
    • Sunday €25,000 GTD Tournament

    • Room Review
    • VIP Deal
    • Free HH converter
    • Turkish Poker
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