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Jully`s finest

Discussion in 'Main Poker Forum' started by PecataOG, Jul 2, 2016.

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    Hello lads and ladies!

    June has come to its end!

    Unfortunately Tigergaming rake reports are still missing but we have been promised that soon the problem is going to be fixed and the reports will be available again.

    As for Microgaming, there were a reporting issues too.
    Here the problem came from the fact that too many players have changed their poker aliases during June and we couldn't detect most of them within our reports. However this issue will soon be resolved and you will find the final June updates in Grind Prix and MGU.

    Some extra "damage" was taken in June after PokerHost stopped offering reload bonuses to the players.

    Klas poker network introduced a new policy against "bumhunting". (This actually turned in to a good decision that resulted in softer games)

    Enough with that negativeness!

    In the meantime our $2000 PokerHost rake race is very well compensating the missing reloads. The race value is about 15% give or take.

    We are adding a PartyPoker deal on Grinders!
    Our $2000 Bwin rake race has a new doubled up prize pool of $4000 from Jully and it will be available for both our Bwin and PartyPoker players!

    Our Tigergaming rake race still gives to all players a HUGE value! Grinders.org deal at Tigergaming is top notch! When you combine our exclusive promotions with those offered by Tiger and add the incredible amount of weak players, Tigergaming turns in to a MUST play room!

    LocaCasino games are recently getting more and more softer!

    In the next week we are going to offer you a VIP deals at one of the largest Russian poker networks, as well as BlackChipPoker and one small-ish Greek licensed poker network and a bookmaker.

    Our GG network deal is up and running again.

    Something to not miss is PokerMonster - one of the fishiest Asian networks. Very soon PokerMonster network will merge with another Asian network and they will form Voltron :D. What we mean is that you should miss to try out this Chinese network!

    Some more "goods"

    - Finally WPN (Microgaming) will launch their variation of the popular Spins&Go format! (this month)
    - Our PlanetWin365 rake race will keep its prize pool of €750 during Jully!
    - Our Fulpot rake race will keep its prize pool of $500 during Jully!
    - New massive $4000 Bwin & PartyPoker rakerace with huge value!



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