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Discussion in 'Покер ръце' started by Razziel, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Razziel

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    Hand # 3040246072 starting - 2009-12-23 22:56:47
    Buzzsaw Hold'em (0.10|0.20 PL - Cash Game) Real Money

    JAllen1 sitting in seat 1 with €46.96
    Hero sitting in seat 2 with €19.10 Dealer
    orane sitting in seat 3 with €19.10
    annejapriit sitting in seat 5 with €16.55
    caribou2d sitting in seat 6 with €7.11
    orane posted the small blind - €0.10
    annejapriit posted the big blind - €0.20

    Dealing cards to Hero: :Jd: :9h:
    caribou2d folded
    JAllen1 called - €0.20
    Hero raised to €0.90
    orane raised to €3.10
    annejapriit folded
    JAllen1 called - €3.10
    Hero called - €3.10

    :9c: :8h: :Qh:
    orane bet - €9.50
    Hero KK and KK
    Hero KK and AA
    Hero always
    Hero lose
    Hero on that board
    annejapriit u dont have aa or kk :)
    Hero yes
    Hero but orane
    JAllen1 folded
    Hero have
    Hero AA or KK
    annejapriit u dont have nothging
    annejapriit mabey 67
    Hero lol
    annejapriit off suit
    annejapriit or 45
    Hero i reserve disco club
    Hero for tonight
    Hero after that pot
    Hero i will win right now
    Hero went all-in - €16.00
    orane went all-in - €6.50


    Hero shows:
    :Jd: :9h:
    orane mucks:
    :6h: :6s:
    Hero wins €39.43 from the main pot

    Rake: €2.07

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