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Discussion in 'Покер ръце' started by justreg, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. justreg

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    Hand #5866282756 begins at 2010/10/09

    Dealt to Hero: :Jc: :Ah:
    ToppaLapio posts the small blind of 10
    mitsarasin posts the big blind of 20
    mpompos66 raises to 40.
    xx COACH1 folds.
    DISCOVERY999 calls 40.
    zeroenergi folds.
    L4Ever11 folds.
    Hero calls 40.
    theFROGSnutZ raises to 100.
    dispatter folds.
    ToppaLapio folds.
    mitsarasin calls 80.
    mpompos66 calls 60.
    DISCOVERY999 calls 60.
    Hero calls 60.

    :8d: :8h: :6d:
    mitsarasin checks.
    mpompos66 checks.
    DISCOVERY999 checks.
    Hero checks.
    theFROGSnutZ checks.

    mitsarasin checks.
    mpompos66 bets 260.
    DISCOVERY999 calls 260.
    Hero folds.
    theFROGSnutZ folds.
    mitsarasin calls 260.

    mitsarasin checks.
    mpompos66 bets 2 ,640 , and is all-in.
    DISCOVERY999 calls 1 ,120 , and is all-in.
    mitsarasin calls 2 ,560 , and is all-in.
    mitsarasin shows :9d: :Td:
    mitsarasin has Straight Flush , Ten High
    mpompos66 shows :3c: :3h:
    mpompos66 has Full House , Threes full of Eights
    DISCOVERY999 shows :8c: :7c:
    DISCOVERY999 has Full House , Eights full of Sevens
    mitsarasin wins 7 ,530

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