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Grinders Rake Chase

Discussion in 'FulPot' started by GrindEN, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. GrindEN

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    Despite of all "unconventional" mechanics of Fulpot poker, our deal there is attracting more and more players from different stakes.

    That is why we took a decision to optimize our Fulpot deal!
    And now we are offering to all type of players an easier way to get their rakeback % noticeably bigger.

    There is a Grinders Rake Chase for Fulpot poker room.

    Our multi-level Fulpot Rake Chase is rewarding Grinders.org players with rakeback value between 8% and 15%.

    PP Bonus $
    260000 $15
    780000 $50
    1300000 $100
    2600000 $220
    3900000 $330
    5850000 $540
    9100000 $875
    13000000 $1300
    19500000 $2025
    26000000 $2800
    32500000 $3750
    39000000 $4500

    $1 rake/fee = 1300 PP

    Grinders Rake Chase prizes are paid via Skrill.
    Please make sure that you have еntered your Fulpot and Skrill details in our VIP system under Deals > My Accounts

    For additional deposit/withdrawal information, please contact us at: support@grinders.org or Skype: grinderssupport

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