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Fulpot Review

Discussion in 'FulPot' started by vladimir0v, Jul 28, 2015.

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    FulPot Poker is a little different than a standard poker room. This is why we think this review will be really helpful to those of you who have never tried it before.

    What is FulPot Poker?

    Long story short, this is a poker room, very similar to Zynga Poker, where you play with virtual chips, instead of money. The whole software, room promotions, advertisements, etc. are directed to the social networks and this is why FulPot is also known as the "Asian Social Media" Poker. As you can expect from this, the player pool consists of really weak players, that usually "grind" their chips on Facebook or some other social media platform. Instead of this, you can buy your chips directly through us, using these rates: Fulpot Exchange Rate 2.1

    This is where the fun part starts. If you buy chips directly from the room, you get them on exchange rate of 1,000 chips for $1, which is a lot worse than our rates. If you don`t use the above mentioned exchange system, you cannot sell your chips after that. If you want to be able not just to deposit, but also to withdraw after that, you have to use the services of an agent, like FulPotPro.
    If you want to deposit, please send us an email at support@grinders.org and we will be happy to assist further.

    All deposits and withdrawals are done via Skrill.

    The room software is pretty decent, but this of course is very individual, so it`s better if you test it yourself.

    Additional poker software like Hold`em Manager and Poker Tracker work only with handgrabber. Its price for levels up to 1,000/2,000 chips is $50 (lifetime), and for all the levels above 1,000/2,000 (including this) it is $140 (again lifetime).

    All of the fishy players and a big part of the Asian "regulars" play without additional software, so you can use this as a huge advantage over them.

    As the room is mostly popular in South Korea and China, the games run at KST (Korean Standard Time). This makes it pretty attractive for people living in Europe, because the biggest traffic matches the European afternoons and early evenings. Main game is between 13:00 and 21:00 CET.

    As we have mentioned already, the games are in points and you get approximately 1,300 chips per 1 USD paid. In order to get a better perspective on which level you are actually playing, just divide the chips by 1,000.

    Here is how the deal looks like: if you make your registration through Grinders.org with agent code GRINDBG:

    - VIP Program, paid directly from the room in your account. If you register through Grinders.org you start from 15%, instead of 5% and can easily move above to up to 40%, depending on the rake you make.
    In the table below you can see how much points you can earn from the different levels.

    VIP Level Rake Required
    Iron $0
    Bronze $6,19
    Silver $109
    Gold $1,258
    Platinum $12,612
    Diamond $141,799

    Main VIP Levels:


    - Grind Prix - this room is part of our internal Grind Prix race, but you participate with the rake, that we see in our reports - after the room deducts all the bonuses and taxes from it;

    - $1,000 Rake Race Exclusively for Grinders.org Players;

    The room has very good application for Android and iOS, thus expanding the number of fish on its tables.
    And last, but not least, you can find enormous traffic and very juicy games on the lately gaining popularity OFC (Open Face Chinese Poker).

    All of the games at FulPot Poker are very soft, so we definitely recommend you to try it!

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