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Freeroll Frenzy

Discussion in 'Unibet' started by Mariya, Aug 19, 2015.

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    Freeroll Frenzy

    Freerolls are a zero-cost way to add some money to your account and so, we have an abundance for you to try. Starting up every two hours of the day, Unibet freerolls offer tickets for both cash games and tournaments.

    If you’re new to the game, this is the perfect way to learn the way things work whilst giving you the chance to win real money.

    The table below shows some of the freerolls currently running, the full list can be found in the poker client. All times are in CET.

    Freeroll name Time
    €50 GTD Turbo Holdem 9 Seat Freeroll 01:05
    €25 GTD Turbo Holdem Freeroll 03:05
    €25 GTD Turbo Holdem Freeroll 05:05
    Unibet Open Freeroll 07:05
    €50 GTD Turbo Holdem Freeroll 09:05
    Unibet Open Freeroll 11:05
    €50 GTD Turbo Holdem Freeroll 13:05
    €50 GTD Turbo Omaha Freeroll 15:05
    €100 GTD Turbo Holdem Freeroll 17:05
    Unibet Open Freeroll 19:05
    Unibet Open Centroll 19:10
    €50 GTD Turbo Omaha Freeroll 21:05
    €100 GTD Turbo Holdem Freeroll 23:00

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