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Featured December 2016

Discussion in 'Main Poker Forum' started by AstraLa, Nov 30, 2016.

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    Hello grinders,
    We are at the eve of December - the last month of this (bad/fantastic - bold the right one!) 2016.
    We want to finish the year positively and that's why expect in the next lines the same amount of good and not-so-good news. We will try to balance our range :)

    We've changed generally a lot of things in order to optimize our deals so therefore - read carefully!

    • The $3,000 freeroll is already in the lobby. Save the date - 4th of December!
    • The date for the Grinders Giveaway will be announced soon (most likely 18th of December live on GrindersTV, but it's not final atm). After that we will have a list with the winners.

    Here is a full description of our offer at bwin:
    • Exclusive Rake Chase
    • $1,000 weekly freerolls
    • Grind Prix
    • Card Rush race - 1,000,000 scratch cards with prizes for up to $500
    • Sit & Go Hero tournaments - 4 players and prize pool of up to 10,000 times of the buy-in
    • Casual Cash Games - cash tables for players who like to play only one table - full of fish
    • Satellites for Caribbean Poker Party


    As most of you probably heard, there are big changes in Microgaming - they have changes in the policy of the network - therefore they are removing all races.

    You can read all about it HERE. With that ban of all races we have to remove all of our races as well.

    We hope that you know that we just can't allow that to happen and we have prepared great compensations for all of our players in the network :)

    You can read everything you need to know in our deal review in the newsletter!

    Because of all the changes in Microgaming, our deals in Betsafe, Betsson and Triobet will be evolving. Our players in these three rooms are 65% of all the participants in the MGU.

    With that in mind you can understand why we are terminating this promotion.

    From December we remove totally the MGU!

    We are trying to deal with the new changes and requirements of the network, but for the moment we haven't done it completely.
    During December we will think for a new promotion to replace the MGU. We kindly ask you to allow us to take our time and think about it in order to come up with the best possible deal for all of you.

    Speaking of general changes... we've decided from December to stop offering our deal in the room of PKR based on lack of interest.

    We are sure that we have better and more perspective rooms to offer that give you more value and because of that it is pointless to continue to list PKR in our top deals.

    So far you should've understood that from December Microgaming will cancel all of their races regarding rake, hands, etc.

    Because of that decision we have to remove the following promotions:
    • Grind Prix
    • Grinders Rake Chase
    • MGU
    • Grinders $500 hand race

    This is quite a serious change and we needed some time to figure out how to compensate our deal. So here is what we've decided!


    1. Grind Prix:

    Unfortunately, we are not allowed to offer Grind Prix to our players in the network. But we have created a special promotion for our loyal players. You can receive more information at email: support@grinders.org or skype: grinderssupport.

    2. Grinders Rake Chase:

    For many months this was our main promotion in the network, but we have to cancel it.

    We have invented an awesome new format in order to satisfy the requirements of the network on one hand and to reward our players for their activity on other.

    The name of the new promotions is Grind&Spin!

    Here is a detailed explanation:

    For every $100 rake generated in the rooms of Betsafe, Betsson and Triobet every player receive 1 point for the Wheel of Fortune.

    1 point = 1 spin of the Wheel.

    You can use your points right away or one at a time. All prizes of the wheel will be added to your account. On 1st of every month they will be zeroing (only the prizes, not the points) and send to you with the rest of the prizes from our races (around 15th of the month).

    There will be detailed instructions for how to register for the promotion very soon!

    3. MGU:

    We have said it a few times already, but whatever... we are removing MGU at the moment. We are working towards a new promotion to compensate it.

    4. Grinders €500 hand race

    Our race for hands is one of the most interesting and useful promotions for players on the low limits.

    We are happy to announce that we will not remove the promotion, but we have to change a little bit the terms.

    The competition will be for a TOTAL number of hands - NOT rake hands.
    Every 10,000 hands will be equal to 500 starting stack chips.

    Every month top 30 of our ranking will participate in a special Freeroll with prize pool of €500. The freeroll will be held every second Sunday of the month at 18:00 GMT.

    The promotions:
    • 30% rakeback
    • €1000 deposit bonus
    • €20 000 Freeroll
    • Special deal instead of Grind Prix - contact us to receive more info
    • New Grind&Spin promotion
    • €500 hand race freeroll


    The main change in our deal at PokerHost is the fact that we are adjusting the prize pool of our rake race.

    We want to remind you that it was $500, we raised it to $750 and then re-raised it to $4,000. We are still trying to optimize the size of the competition.

    In December the prize pool of the rake race will be $3,000.

    Other significant change (if you have read carefully until now) is the fact that we are removing the MGU ranking and therefore the inclusion of PokerHost in it.

    During December the room will have top offers for the tournament players with the 8th edition of OSS that will be held from 7th to 18th with a total prize pool of $3,000,000.

    For the cash players with 27% rakeback we have our Big Grind Bonus: each one of you that have generated over $4,000 rake for December will receive additional 6,5% rakeback bonus; and if you want to do the extra mile and pass the $8,000 rake mark, you will get additional 13% rakeback bonus.

    All the promotions for the people who are just scrolling:
    • 27% rakeback
    • $1000 first deposit bonus
    • Platinum Reward Program
    • The Beatdown
    • Big Grind Bonus
    • $3,000 Grinders Rake Race
    • Grind Prix
    • Jackpot Poker
    • SNG ranking

    During December Natural8 reserves the spot for top room based on the low level of the players that are clicking the buttons there.

    The feedback that we received so far is positive and we had no complains. We have players mainly on the low and mid stakes (up to 100NL including).

    You can watch almost every day on GrindersTV the progress of Petar "Desis" Chenkov in Natural8 on the cash tables. In just two months he is close to $3,000 up (he started on 25NL, stormed 50NL and it's now adjusting at 100NL!)

    We are strongly advising all of our players to try the room. For more info or questions - don't hesitate to contact us.

    Promotions in the room of Natural8:
    • 35% rakeback
    • In-the-money race
    • All-in insurance
    • Fortune spin
    • All-in-or-Fold poker
    • Grind Prix


    Our deal in the room of Tigergaming remains the same with the omission of (you guess it right!) MGU during December.

    We are waiting for them to announce their new promotions for December so just check the forum regularly.

    Here are all the promotions in the room:
    • 100% deposit bonus for up to $2,500
    • $8,000 Grinders rake race
    • Grind Prix
    • Free hand grabber
    • Rake Chase


    The deposits and withdrawals in the room of Fulpot continue to be only possible through us or agent of the room and the only currency from December 2016 will be bitcoins (BTC).

    Because of all the regulations and the increasing taxes of all e-wallets we expect a lot of rooms to begin using exactly this way for deposits and withdrawals in the near future.

    We will release detailed information for the benefits of this method of payment very soon!

    For more info and questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

    The promotions in the room:
    • VIP deal
    • VIP program

    We have created a special early present for our tournament players - we have put together in a special schedule the most interesting tournaments during December of the poker rooms that we are offering!


    Good luck!
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2016

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