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Featured Club Games allows friends to play together on PartyPoker

Discussion in 'Main Poker Forum' started by Mariya, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Mariya

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    partypoker is giving players the chance to win bragging rights over their friends, wherever they may be, with the launch of Club Games, available for cash games with multiple stake options.

    Club Games can be set up by one player, who will be member admin and can accept and remove players. Players can join or watch games from the home lobby. Games are available up to stakes of $1/$2 in regular games, and up to stakes of $5/$10 in VIP games.

    Club Games will be available on both desktop and mobile, with the mobile version available in all markets outside Russia. There is no limit to the number of clubs a player can join, and they will be able to create up to five clubs per person and five different game parameters per club.

    The rake will be the same as a standard cash game rake and Club Games will contribute the same amount to cashback as other cash games.

    partypoker Managing Director, Tom Waters, said: “partypoker used to offer private games and it’s been on our roadmap to bring in a new home games offering for a long time now.

    “In recent months, we have been inundated with requests from players who wanted their own home games, so we decided to accelerate the rollout of our new Club Games interface. Initially, players will be able to create their own private cash games for friends to join using either a PC/Mac or mobile device, with the ability to create tournaments to follow.”

    Team partypoker’s Sam Trickett said: “It’s great news that everyone will now be able to play with their mates in club games on partypoker and from their mobile too, which is unique to the site."

    “I’ve seen quite a few players requesting Club Games, so I’m sure it will be very popular starting off in the cash game format. The fun features recently introduced will bring an extra level of banter to the games as people will be able to send their friends a range of emojis and even throw pigeons at them!”

    Team partypoker’s Jaime Staples said: “Who doesn't want to play poker with their friends? I'm excited to reconnect and start some games with the groups I've been playing with for 10 years at home. partypoker’s Club Games are a perfect solution to keep us poker players connected.”


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